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Going on a Hiatus · 3:21pm Oct 6th, 2013

Good morning FimFiction!
Grave_Wing here, with some news.
I'm going to be on a somewhat hiatus for a somewhat long time. My mom's been sent to the hospital so I can barely think straight. No worries, she's out but recovering!:twilightsmile: But I don't want to completely ignore here and do other things such as updating stories and such
Family first, everything else later.

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I hope you're alright and not dead...... :fluttershysad:

Cheddar cheese and mozzarella are my favorite cheeses :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Carl on Duty deleted Dec 12th, 2013


Wise words of wisdom spoken by Jedi master Grave_Wing XD (Because the fim fiction emoticons aren't working for me right now -_-

Beginning to recover from the Battle of Endor in my stomach
Yeah, you're still the editor! I never said you weren't:twilightsmile:

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