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After returning home from viewing a meteor shower, Rainbow Dash finds a green rock in her room that makes her violently ill when she touches it. As she and her friends work to find out what exactly happened, she will come to learn more about her past, her family, and her place in Equestrian society.

Cover Art provided by Supersheep64

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Well written and looks interesting. Faved.

So... I'm presuming that this is a Smallville crossover; has Rainbow Dash been turned into a Meteor Mutant? Who knows what other trouble the Green Kryptonite could cause (Celestia forbid that there be any Red Kryptonite in the shower)! :pinkiegasp:

Haven't seen Smallville :twilightblush:
I have explanations, but right now I'm still working out most of the details

Intriguing... *adds to watch list*

Keep going! This looks interesting!

This... This is beautiful!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

dude u need the smallville theme song to make this 20% cooler:twilightsmile: i myself have watched the hole series and the first 4-5 season where good but after that it was a soap opera and didn't like it till the series finality where he learned to fly...but since RD know how to fly.... i will defiantly fav for sure:twilightsmile:

I thought she was the Ironpony not the Steelpony

so is Dash just magically supercharged, or is she actually Krypt-ponian?

All will be revealed... next chapter

i think twilight should have saw the apple tree fall out side here window that would been funny and 200% cooler:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

So x-ray vision, super-speed and super-strength so far. I wonder if anypony else has noticed sudden power boosts or unusual abilities?

Nice job in not making this a crossover but making it a fusion instead. There is obviously a history of Kyrptonite causing 'meteor mutations' in Unicorns but rarely in Earth Ponies and Pegasi. For someone who claims not to have seen Smallville, you are certainly following lots of it's ideas! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if, sometime in the very, very distant past, Celestia, Luna and Candence met some of those rocks?

“Oh look Silver Spoon, it’s Rainbow Dash the Blank Flank Lover.”

:facehoof: Olawd. "Little-baby pony thinks it is good idea to taunt larger and more powerful pony? RAINBOW SMASH!"
I don't really know why that came out sounding like a mixture of Heavy and the Hulk.

We've always known Diamond Tiara to be a bit of a bitch, but she's always at least acted polite when dealing with grown-ups. Wasn't exactly expecting that to suddenly change, but I suppose Dash would be one of those ponies she might not bother being nice to. Not like she saved the world--twice--or anything, right? :ajbemused:

Ok, you had me in stitches twice in this one chapter.:rainbowlaugh: Keep up the good work.

Hm. I imagined that if you tried to ponify Superman, you'd have to pick Big Mac. Why? He's big, strong, grew up on a farm, mild mannered, seems kind of on the simple side upstairs but it wouldn't surprise me if he was a lot brighter than he lets on, you get the idea. :rainbowlaugh:

“RAINBOW DASH!” the force of Celestia’s shout was enough to knock Rainbow Dash off her hooves “I know you are disturbed by this change of events, but remember that I am still the most powerful pony in Equestria, and if you do not calm down now I will force you to do so!”

And ham-handed (hoofed?) Celestia strikes again... for the first time. Celestia is usually a little more... genteel than all that, don't you think? She's really not one for boasting or any kind of outward displays of power. I just think that last part of this is completely unnecessary and frankly quite a bit OOC. Browbeating a pony just isn't something we've come to expect from Celestia, y'know?

except when that pony is a danger to her subjects i am parallelling this outburst with the lesson zero event

Yeah, actually, I think that you got Rainbow Dash's likely response perfectly right. A combination of culture shock and an acute idenity crisis. Most people either go catatonic or jump straight to 'denial'. Rainbow Dash did that and then fast-tracked to 'anger'. Celestia is lucky that Rainbow didn't start tearing the audience chamber apart in her terror.

1229299 Yes. That is what I was aiming for.
Also, I've seen too many Tyrant!Celestia fics, so I tried to show that she can get angry and forceful with her subjects without becoming a dictator

It's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's Super-mare/dash

Here's hoping that Rainbow Dash ultimately goes to the far north to find the real answers to all her questions. :rainbowderp:

"My beautiful little filly... You do not remember me. My name is Jor-El, and I am your father. The fact that you are seeing this recording means that you will have reached your fourth year, as Equestrian ponies reckon time, the cusp of adulthood. By that scale, I have been dead for many thousand of your years."

"The knowledge that I have, of matters physical and historical, I passed to you during your journey to your new home but these were matters of pure fact. There are questions to be asked and it is time for you to do so. Here in this... this 'Fortress of Solitude', we will try to find the answers together. So, my little filly, speak."

"Who... who am I?"

"Your name is Kara Zor-El, and you are the only survivor of the planet Krypton. Even though you have been raised as a Pony, you are not one of them. You have great powers, only some of which you have yet discovered."

"Come with me, my daughter, as we break through the bonds of your Equestrian confinement; travel through time and space..."

"... your powers far exceed that of mortal ponies..."

"... it is forbidden for you to interfere with Equestrian history, rather let your leadership stir their higher instincts..."

"... in this next year, we will examine the pony's heart; it is more fragile than you know..."

"... as we pass through the flaming terror that is the edge of our galaxy, we enter the realm of the red sun of Krypton, the ultimate source of all your powers... and the cause of our eventual extinction. The planet Krypton, my daughter... your home... as it was..."

"... In this year, we will examine the various philosophical concepts of immortality and their basis in actual fact..."

"The total accumulation of all knowledge spanning the twenty-eight known galaxies and their innumerable races and peoples are embedded in the crystals arrayed before you. Study them well, my daugher."

"Despite their many differences, ponies and Kryptonians are similar in their judgements, both moral and ethical and it is for this reason that I chose Equestria as your new home."

"... By the time we will have returned to the confines of your galaxy, four of your years will have passed..."

"The time has come for you to rejoin your new world; to serve them as best as you can. Live as one of them, Kara Zor-El, and discover where your strength and your power are most greatly needed. But always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage."

"They could be a great people, Kara... at least they wish to be. All that they lack is a light to show them the way. And it is for this reason above all else, their capacity for good, that I have given them the greatest gift that it is mine to give. I have given them you. My only child."


Gave me chills, man. Chills of nostalgia and remembrance.

1241979 She will. She just needs to let off some steam and approach this with a level head

It may just be because i'm a sucker for superheroes, but i'm really liking this story.

Allow me to speculate that BlueBlood is going to have a big impact on Rainbow Dash's life, the same way that a certain bald businessman features in a certain mild-mannered reporter's life. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm. So do you think when Rainbow Dash returns, she'll be a bit more mature? or will she be the same act first, think later type of mare? If so it'll be interesting to see how's she's aged and matured.

Thoroughly enjoying the story thus far, though i am curious... why would Firefly have the crystal and the bundle of cloth on her person while at work? Was she expecting this or had Celestia given her the heads up? Sorry if the questions annoy; I just like having some decent answers to things. Anywho, keep up the good work, I look forward to more!

~Batsy Marble

1245960 call it preparation, or possibly paranoia; if you had a big shiny crystal that glowed green, would you just leave it in a cloud house where somepony might get curious and investigate?

but questions are good, I don't mind

whens the next chapter? also this is starting to sound like superman 1. cant wait for the next chapter. :rainbowhuh:

holy sweet :trollestia: if i am right and this mysterious guy is who i think he is , is no wonder that princess celestia got so angry so fast in chapter 4

"Impossible? Trixie, I'm Rainbow Dash; I'm the one who makes the impossible happen. Never forget that."

“... To be honest, I’m not the nicest of ponies; I play pranks, I show off, and my friends say I talk about myself too much.”

“Maybe that’s why you could be a hero. Maybe you need to work those things out.”

I certainly hope not. Dash becoming the Supermare, sure. Going all gracious and humble is completely out of the question, though. Superman might have been like that, but Dash most certainly is not and neither should be Supermare. Show me a Dash that doesn't prank, brag and show off and I'm going to have to ask why you used an existing name for your OC, cause that pony sure as hell can't be Rainbow Dash. That's the difference between Character Development and Character Redefining. Maybe she could tone it down a bit over time, sure, but it would take a lot more than becoming a hero (and discovering her alien heritage) to make Dash start declining the praise and adulation of the masses.

“I don’t really care what you two have against each other, but stop fighting like a couple of angry foals or we’ll have to take more drastic measures.”

It would greatly amuse me to see them try.

1332740 I understand your concern. I don't plan to derail Rainbow's character too much (or at least try not to). Besides, she can be all noble and pious when dressed up as Supermare, but when she's not she's still Rainbow Dash.


Wait, you're going along with the secret identity thing? I figured you'd skip that, honestly. Guess this means everypony is going to be as hopelessly genre-blind as everyone and their mother is in the DC universe? Clark Kent might be able to get away with sharing the same facial features, hair color/style, skin tone, height, weight and body type of Superman, but RD is the only pony alive with a Rainbow mane. Kinda hard to hide that one unless you have her dye it when she gets costumed up, and I would think that a dye that could be applied/removed at will (and at a moment's notice) would require some level of magic to utilize and maintain. As far as I can tell, that means she'd probably have to tell somepony (Twilight--or possibly Rarity, considering it's technically an issue of fashion) about being Supermare anyway.

By day she's Rainbow Dash--a mild-mannered (snerk) weather manager, who also teams up with the other Elements of Harmony to fight supernatural baddies and save the world through the Power of Friendship!
But by night she becomes Supermare, who does pretty much the exact same thing except that she wears spandex and forgoes the Power of Friendship in favor of beating the baddies into unconsciousness with her bare hooves!

1332920 I have plans :pinkiecrazy: currently they involve Kryptonian uber-magic and one or two shout outs


1332740 superman might be ?
you haven't read superdickery?

no, trixie shall change her name to ursa because of her humiliating defeat in ponyville


No, I haven't. I'm assuming from the name that it's not exactly canon, though, so why is it relevant to how Superman usually comports himself?


actually is a funny commentary of covers where superman play pranks gets violent act silly or dumb so it falls a bit on the canon area

What I think you deserve credit for here is not copying that classic scene word for word. Instead, you managed to make it fit into the MLP: FiM world (and also add bits from the '90s-era Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman).

Why would pegasi be traveling on the ground with a cart? Wouldn't they fly it around, like Derpy/Ditzy's boss' cart?

RD should REALLY stop telling everyone she meets she has superpowers...

1348823 they were, but then they crashed

I like what you did with the perception filter spells. Much better than Clark having Hypno glasses. :rainbowlaugh: The Jor-El felt great and his speech spot on. Looking forward to more of this story. :twilightsmile:


But the cart had wheels. Wheels that they were fixing, as if they were necessary for continued travel. Wheels that would be precisely the opposite of necessary for continued travel if they were flying with said cart. :rainbowhuh:

1351484 Fluttershy's cart in Feeling Pinkie Keen had wheels.
Also, I imagine a cart with only one wheel would be unbalanced if you were flying with it

Well, i was hoping the this story would not include the secret identity cliche, but i can cope with that.

Ewww:pinkiesick:....I had food poising once, man I hate descriptions of vomit in books:pinkiesick: But besides that deviation into the gross, I'm hooked. WRITE, OH NOBLE IWOAFORVER WRITE MOAR!!!!!!

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