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A nerd who thought it would be cool to, with the help of a few equally insane buddies adapt the entire Marvel Universe (with some DC Comics thrown in for kicks) with My Little Pony...wish me luck


Co-written with my totally awesome sister, a-Phoenix-in-Avalon and theseventhdoctor, with some additional (yet vital) help from TheInvincibleIronBrony

Set in the same universe as my other stories Iron Mare and Flutterhulk but you don't have to have read those to read this.

The powerful but arrogant warrior Rainbow Dash is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst mortal ponies in Equestria, where she soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

Please note that the "Other" tag is to cover my bases, since this story has a lot of side characters (i.e. The Warriors Three and such) and I ran out of tags. And yes, even though this is a superhero story, most of the time is spent without kicking butt. This character driven more then action driven. I might add the tag as I see fit.

Rated Teen for Action Violence, Brief Language, and mentions of adult themes.

Cover art by Siansaar

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Read later, watch thor and avengers first.

so, this is connected to iron mare, correct?

1929367 Yeah, same universe. But you can read this without having read Iron Mare.

1929414 well, already read it :ajsmug:. keep up the work. cant wait to see the other hero stories if you do them

1929422 Oh I'm going to do them!

I've got Flutterhulk in the early stages of writing (i.e. a plot already sorted out and writing little scenes here and there).

But I've yet to fully work out the plots for Captain Equestria (the most difficult) or The Avengers (which needs to wait until the others are finished)

1929557>>1929698 Well, thank you IwoaForever!

And yeah. No use hiding that right?

By the GODS this is AWESOME!!!!!!:pinkiehappy: Rainbow Dash and some Changling as Goddesses? Huh....are the Alicorn's even Gods in this? Shit, you have my vote, I'll seriously be awaiting to see how this will turn out, mind adding Derpy Hooves as well if anything, I find it very hard to read or write a story without having even a minor metion of her :rainbowlaugh:

1930501 Well, thank you. And yes. There will be a brief mention.

1932908 Because I'm made of pure evil.

Also, it'll probably still be going when you get back. Me and my sister write VERY slowly.

1937639 Well thank you very much!

Be sure to go and thank PhoenixAvalon, since she helping to co-write and in fact, most of the prologue is hers.

Any idea when the next update is coming this was so good

i can't wait its gotta be awesome, is that for just the next chapter or for the entire thing.

2002713 It's for the next chapter. Me and my sister (who's co-writing this, she's a big time Thor fan) are both rather slow when it comes to writing.

2002750 well i can't wait so keep them coming as best you can

Reading this again. Still love it, and I love the new cover image. :pinkiehappy:
wish I could have some artwork for Mare of Steel :fluttershysad:

2010675 You should ask around. I'm pretty sure somebody somewhere could make you one.

And guess what? I actually asked the guy who drew this if he could draw it a LOOONG time ago and he just so happened to think it was a cool idea. I lucked out.

I'll do some digging and see if I can find some Rainbow Dash as Superman artwork.

YAY UPDATE!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay:
So, the Wonderbolts are standing in for Sif and the Warriors Three... I like this

2049944 Yes...

So, do you have a favorite part yet or was it all just too awesome?

2049985 Thor is one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes, so it's all awesome

This should be interesting.:eeyup: You have my attention.

I need more please update soon or :fluttercry: I might not make it. It is so aligned with the movie which i am watching as i read it.

Nothing particular, except the fact that we have 6 ponies venturing out to a planet filled with love sucking giant insects; in doing so, they have disobeyed an extremely powerful pony, they run the risk of starting a war across the galaxy (if not further) and they may just get their hearts plucked out from their bodies while watching.

But don't take my word for it, lets ask one of the wisest ponies in Equestria what he thinks:
"Will this end well?"
"Nnnope" :eeyup:

See? One word answers are always true.

Imagine the crossovers there will be when ironman 3 comes out,

Maybe one day we'll see tony and Rhodey in equestria

HaminuaHaminuaHaminuaHaminuaHaminuaHaminuaHaminua WHAT?!

... 'squee' DIS GON B GUD!

Yes yes yes yes! :pinkiecrazy: GREAT chapter. Well-written and organized, played well on the character personalities from both series. A wonderful blend of creativity and talent! :pinkiehappy:

Shit so Rainbow is the Goddess of Storms and Thunder? Very, very badass. Trixie as the villian? You have my full attention:rainbowlaugh::yay: Ha, Fritter and Cloudchaser, I love those two, and Spitfire is always amazing, period though I'm suprised you added Soarin, but it's all good. Yeah...this is going to be amazing. I'm just seriously hoping you don't make Twilight the romantic mare to fall for Dash, I can't stand that pairing, though I'll read with any other loving her:moustache:

I can't wait to see more:ajsmug:

2091699 Oh I never ship TwiDash. Or any other F/F or M/M shippings.


So no worries there.

Not every story is meant to have shipping.

About the story, it looks interesting. I wonder how it will go from there.

2093846 Don't worry this won't have shipping.

I tried to work in shipping, but it kinda collapsed. So I took that plot element out and replaced it with sisterly bonding (you'll have to read to find out who)

Also, we're probably going to stick rather close to the movie, with changes being made as we see fit.

2091750 I can understand male pairing being male myself but your not one for female shipping? May I ask why?:unsuresweetie:

2093846 I know that, but many, many people for the most part really enjoy romance, you know?


Some do enjoy this, some don't. After that, it depends to which characters are shipped and how it is done. I personally enjoy some romance stories, well written ones, like one between Twilight and Big Macintosh (I forgot the title). But I'll stop there, not wanting to get off-story-topic.

2094080 I can complterely agree, it's all a matter of option, for example my favorite is Spilight. But your right, better not to clog up the comment list:derpytongue2:

2094037 Well, I guess you could say it was because I was raised in a conservative Christian household (my father is a pastor, my mother a nurse), and it's a matter of principle.

It's kinda hard to explain without sounding like a Bible-thumping kill joy you know?

But I don't hate on people who DO do those ships. What's the point?

2094265 I can completely understand, while your not for it, you don't bash on those who are: Nothing wrong with that bro:twilightsmile:

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