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There is an old saying, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain," I never really understood what it meant until I was torn from my world and thrown into another.

I have been called a wraith, a parasite, and a demon, and I have earned every one of those titles many times over.

Now that I am finally free from my prison, I plan on making a pair of alicorn sisters very... very, sorry for what they have done to me.

Watch your backs Celestia and Luna, every star falls eventually.

(Displaced Story)

Crossover with Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. The Shadow Queen belongs to Nintendo.

Special thanks to Emtu for editing this.

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This is Amazing and the only thing i can see wrong would be the opening seems a bit rushed

Well let's see how this plays out

Wait! Daring Do? Does that mean this is an Equestria Girls Displaced into Equestria?! Never heard of that one done before.

Stupid Dog, You Make Me Look Bad!


I for none don't but cool non the less.

Toad Town?

I will keep that in mind for a future chapter of my Rainbine fic.

My Displace Dr Eggman could help you with the army part.

I say that you should go that town and look for any RPG quest laying around. Always works for me.


She will eventually need an army, but first she needs a base of operations.

7726566 Will my Displace Dr Eggman could build a robot army for the Shadow Queen.

I have a question, do displaced stories need to be about a character that exists? Or can you use your original characters (that exist outside of Equestria or Earth, obviously.) for your story?


You can, but people often create Gary Sues when given that much freedom with their protagonist who can put down gods by just batting their eyes...

In other words they write themselves into a corner and then cancel their stories 90% of the time because there is literally nothing that the protagonist can't overcome with ease.

I bet I could keep myself out of those situations. However, I do know what your talking about.

Ok, that's... kind of creepy, your story description is almost very similar to my Displaced story, I had no idea your story existed until Fimfiction mentioned it on the front page as most popular.

If she calls in a displaced indebted to her they will be unable to refuse her request.

That certainly makes it a dangerous summon. I mean, if she would ask a displaced to kill for her... Really makes me wonder though what kind of requests she will aks. I mean, maybe I'm thinking too extreme here. :twilightsheepish:


I like it.

The Thousand Year Door was the shit when I was a kid. Best Paper Mario game.

My, my. That makes me quite curious! I mean, what exactly does this Alternate Universe entail? If Scootaloo is in such a dark place it could mean the situation of the other ponies might be different as well. I'm interested to see what you have planned! :pinkiesmile:

I was going to say the illusion of freedom.

7902024 the answer to that riddle is innocence, its from skyrim dark brotherhood black door in dawnstar.

7902471 Ah, I never played any Dark Brotherhood quests.


ps. Innocence, my brother.

Kill Gilda. We need more evil Scootaloo stories.

I have no idea how had that is, having never played TYD, but I have seen people do similar challenges for the first Paper Mario.

I feel like an idiot for selling my Gamecube now haha.

(Thank god for emulators)

If the Shadow Queen was voiced, what would she sound like?

8002312 Probably an adult version of Princess Azula.


That's... actually a fairly decent assumption.

It seems I made a typing mistake... "Sent the Emeralds" I meant to say "Sent the token fake emeralds"

There's a new group dedicated to TTYD... this story should be in it!

8003005 Yeah... I would have to agree... but I have my own voice for her: The Beast from Doctor Who: The Satan Pit.

7708701 Rogueport, actually. From TTYD.

When the SQ first started rhyming, I thought it was Merlee.

I stare into the filly’s eyes as I try to feel her natural magic, “...They took the sky from you,” I whisper to the wingless pegasus. The filly looks back down at the floor as a torrent of sorrow overtakes her.

7961995 Yes. Worst Crusader must be evil... Best Crusader (Sweetie) already is.

ALL BP? I usually do 10 HP and 10 FP... and then all BP. Or the normal cycles.

‘It’s not like they didn’t deserve it! They slaughtered Lady Bow, they killed everyone in Gusty Gulch!’

Who? The X-Nauts? The Dark Boos? The Shadow Sirens? The Shaydes? Tell me!

Awesome! Instant 100 Star Points! (:raritystarry: x 100) LEVEL UP!!!

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