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A Displaced story idea I came up with when watching Wakfu season 2 for the second time and thought 'I kinda like Shadofang's powers..' and then this popped up.

Another poor sap comes across the merchant at a convention, and purchases what he thinks is a 'Replica' of his favorite Shu-Shu character from the show Wakfu. Turned to stone almost immediately upon arrival to Equestria, he has nobody to talk to but the ring he had purchased and the mis-matched creature that appeared to be sharing his fate. Freed about a thousand years later (Give or take), he escapes the Princesses grasp and leaves to explore the land. How will he make his way through Equestria with Shadofang on his hand?

Planning to tie this in with my Story Son of a Kaiju! and Feeling Cooler.

Switched from E to T just in case because mild swearing.

(Not a lot of character tags, because to be honest... I haven't got a completely clear idea of where I'm going with this yet... Just warning you ahead of time. Character tags might be added as the story progresses.)

Token Status: Probably not the best time for a displaced visit, unless you're okay with somewhat sporadic collaboration :pinkiecrazy:

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....and please tell me his head is just coincidentally there....and isnt blocking anything?

Pretty good, but the story feels a bit fast. maybe you should slow down and flesh it out a bit more


Glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

If you're talking about the example picture, I'm thinking that it's coincidence. In the story, her body is smoke from the waist down and connected to the ring. :derpytongue2:


Yeah... I was pretty tired when I wrote this, sorry. I plan to slow it down a bit in the next chapter. :pinkiesmile:

just fond more pictures of her. otakia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Ombrage.jpg forkmotion.free.fr/image/ankama/ombrage.jpg
....lets just say that she's lucky that that particular bit of shadow popped up when it did...


I like the second picture, a good capture of both forms. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

i am slightly interested in this that is if i can get past the fact that every single type of these storys that i've read fail worse then trying to give a cat a bath without getting a scratch and anyone with a cat can tell you thats not possible but i'll give it a chance its Wakfu i will read anything Wakfu


Well, I've given my cat a bath without getting scratched, so here's hoping that I can meet your expectations! :twilightsmile:

I was taking a small break from writing altogether, but I think I'll try and start on chapter 2 soon. :pinkiesmile:

6088213 ok one HOW IN THE NAME OF STARCLAN DID YOU DO THAT and two my expectations aren't that big just that you don't make your caricters TOO powerful... at first that is a fatal blow to any story if there isn't a good reason for it... like believable backstory for the realm there from


Well actually, my cat is de-clawed so it's pretty easy... Not my actions, I got him from a previous owner. Though I did once have a cat with claws and gave him a bath in the past, and came out fine. Just lucky I guess... :twilightsmile:

And don't worry about overpowering this story, I don't plan on giving him much control at first. Unlike my other story (Which is EXTREMELY overpowered...) I plan on keeping him fairly low-key at first. :pinkiesmile:

So.........where is chapter 2? Is the story on hiatus?


Yeah, I guess I've been on a small unofficial writing hiatus... Sorry about that. I'll get to work on Chapter 2 right away.

P.S: Thanks for reminding me.


Brilliant as usual
,,poor Ombrage...she's gonna get befriended so hard...

more please! set a coarse for trolestia!

BRILLIANT as always
well worth the wait.
hmm...Umbrakenisis to create a shadowy couch with legs, so you don't have to walk everywhere?

Great as usual
...hey....you know how Vampiro had a cloak?
could Shadofang give you a cloak that works a little more like Judith's one?
you know, storing things and people in it, flight, combat tentacles and shield, teleportation, shooting things out of it, that sort of thing?


Sounds like a good idea to me! Plus, if he had that, it would help me with fitting in an idea I was working on for the next chapter (or maybe the chapter after that...). hehehe... :pinkiecrazy:

Shadofang is that thing in the picture, right?


Yep. She's a creature known as a 'Shu-Shu' (One who can control shadows and the like) from a show called 'Wak-fu'. Outside of the Shu-Shu Realm she was originally trapped in ring form, and planned to have her old Shu-Shu guardian free her by taking over the body of another. Lots more to it than that, but that's the basics. In this there are some modifications, and admittedly her ability to manifest herself was inspired by another episode of Wak-fu, in which two people were cursed to be bound as sort-of-ghosts to their wedding bands. You'd have to watch the show to fully understand, and I would recommend it, it's a great show! :Pinkiesmile:

also, its possible for Shushu to be freed from their items/escape....
so it could be that, but she keeps a link there for safety? i.e if she is in danger she automatically gets sucked back in the ring?

Brilliant as always!
daww! thanks!

...does the cape have an even amount of points on each side? that ways it can be better than the one in the movie!


Yes, the cape has four points on each side. Seems a bit off to have four on one and three on the other, so now it's perfectly symmetrical :pinkiehappy:

Also, I've been channeling Death the Kid lately. I was setting up a display of wine-glasses and beer mugs for someone's yard sale, and I felt a need to make it completely symmetrical (:derpyderp2:)... Unfortunately there was an odd number of items (:fluttercry:) (Did the best I could with what I had though, put some things in the center to take away from the need for identicals. :derpytongue2:)

That ending mwahahahahahahahahaha:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: You definetly must continue this.

Aaaaahhhhh cliffhanger, my greatest weakness. Now then, when can we ( and by we I mean ME) expect next chapter? I realy meed good laugh and you always deliver.

7772459 You can expect it right about now. :pinkiehappy:

Great as usual!
....that Cockatrice is going to come in handy later, isn't it?
you could manifest the side of the face with its eye, and point it at an opponent..
...also, when Rubilax was brought into the shucruft, he could get out of the sword at will, as "the guardians laws are worthless there"


Glad you're still enjoying my fic! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I remember that... speaking of which... I might~ end up using/mentioning/something else about the world of Rushu to some extent at some point. But anyways, The guardian's rules do still apply in that Equestria, but they're just more lenient. Hence the ghostly manifestations that Shadofang was capable of.

As for the Cockatrice... Well, I had another idea entirely for that, but that idea is great too. Hmm... I'll have to argue with myself over this for a bit. :pinkiecrazy:

I love it, I love it!:heart::rainbowkiss: That was so great.

I had fun. 9 weeks 5days from last update, hop it's not getting hard for you to make up more of the story my fellow crazy frieennd:pinkiecrazy: I like the Wakfu story. #:moustache:

SO MUCH YES!!! I LOVE IT!!! and it's well written to boot... yay. :yay:


Am I the only one who would totally do something like this with Gala tickets?

More more
Don't make me pull out the memes I will pull out the memes

wait so she can manifest herself like that! Why did they never put that into the show

I suppose I took some creative liberties :derpytongue2::scootangel:

ok, I was confused for a split second when I saw there were already comments, but then I noticed the date. Derp.

Yeah, I did a double take when I realized just how long ago my last update to this story was

It's not a big update, I know. It's really just me trying to get back into the mindset for the characters I use. I plan to try and post a bigger chapter soon. Sorry if it's a bit small.

I also might go back and add more substance to this chapter later, if I think of something. Maybe.

Ah. Btw, I know i'm four years late, but I believe it'd be wise if you included a statusin your story description on cross-overs if you're not ready or don't plan for your character to meet other displaced.

Ah, thanks for the advice, I never really thought about it. Getting ready to head to bed, since it's almost 1AM here and I'm probably only about eh... 300 words into the next chapter, but I'll probably go ahead and do that before I get off tonight.

Suprised there was an update, hope to see more.

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