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You know, one thousand years trapped inside a statue can really be...what's the word...infuriating. I mean, I did Celestia a favor, destroying Discord as soon as he was blasted by those Elements of Harmony! I even helped those two obtain the Elements! I mean, sure, I was planning to take over Equestria, and I also backstabbed Discord, since, you know, I said I would help him and all, but who really cares about the details? Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the master of dimensions...pleaser of crowds...Dimentio! But, originally? I was just a guy in a Dimentio costume, looking for a pair of gloves to finish my outfit, who just so happened to run into the wrong merchant.

And I would tell you the whole story, but considering I was just freed from my prison by three little fillies, I think it's best if I go take over Equestria now. But this time...I'm not going to be so merciful with my tactics. Ciao!

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Short but let's see where this goes.

Not the worst one I've read, and this one even has good grammar!

Hhhmmm i like the character, and it could be really interessting, i am just curious how bad he is, and if he actually would kille someone or not.
I am honestly not sure which kind of Dark story i like more, Slaves, slaughter, or something else, but i think i could like it, if Chrysalis could be one of his lackeys, of course he would need to put her in place, but an actually friendship between the Villains would be nice to.

I mean there are already many fanfictions, where Celestia never gave the changelings a chance, and because of that you could make it look like, as if Chrysalis would be actually a good being in a way, i mean she maybe only attacked because they could not do much else.

But, originally? I was just a guy in a Dimentio costume, looking for a pair of gloves to finish my outfit, who just so happened to run into the wrong merchant.

Now what would this story have lost if you had just left out this chliche? :ajbemused: Absolutely nothing, with the possible exception of a place on the bandwagon

I'm expecting somepony to grow a plant on their head soon enough... (*cough-Paper Mario Dimentio Reference-cough*)

So... where's miss purple smart? :twilightsheepish:

Yay!:yay: Paper Mario story! You get a cookie!:twilightsmile:


Hmm...where's Purple Smart...well, considering that Dimentio made it seem like he never broke out, chances are she's in Ponyville. :twilightsmile:

But she'll play her part soon enough... :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm. Reality manipulator with a pension for madness and cold/calculated revenge trapped in stone for 1,000 years by Celestia... If were thinking hard I might think this story was similar to one of my own...

Eh I'm just kidding with you! Welcome to the Displaced guy!


Thanks! :pinkiehappy: And speaking of your story...it just so happens that I've actually read the whole thing! Who knew... :pinkiecrazy:

Why is there a Discord tag on this when his only role in the story is to be killed off off-screen in the first paragraph or so? Unless he's going to come back from the dead, he doesn't have enough presence in this story to justify tagging it with him.

Poor Twilight.:fluttershysad: More importantly, poor Dimentio!:fluttercry:
KEEP GOING I BEG OF YOU!!:twilightsmile:

6106311 *gives you a thumbs up*

Oh, poor Dimentio doesn't know what he's getting into. Just ask the last travelling magician who went into town. :trixieshiftleft:

While i am defending Trixie, this was really not the best choice, i suppose they had magicians right now.
I like Dimenzio, i somehow still hope that he get´s allies, or some friends, and that not everyone have to hate him, maybe in the end he even has a character development, and rethink his actions if he has found a friend, and seen many things.

However i like this story.


Unfortunately, Dimentio doesn't know Ponyville's history, and because, you know, he is a magician, it was kinda an obvious choice for his fake career as a pony. Unfortunately, two out of the three ponies to have been aggressive towards Trixie have been shown to hold grudges towards other antagonists, and the single one out would be appalled at his fashion sense, so... :pinkiecrazy:

You hope Dimentio will make friends...well, considering he's trying to conceal the fact that he's escaped by pretending to be a pony, then he's going to have to. Of course, it'll be part of the act, but maybe one of those friendships could become genuine...anything's possible~.

6107779 I know that i ask for much in his situation, but i don´t know how i could decribe it better what i would like for him, i guess i just meant something like his organisation against the Ponys, and not only him against the Ponys, but i won´t complain.


Lucky for you, I got an idea. Dimentio won't be the only villain for long... :pinkiecrazy:

not sure if i notice how he made an enemy out of Rainbow Dash, but i am not that concentrated right now.



Now, remember that annoyance I mentioned earlier? And that I said I probably should've paid attention to what she was saying beforehand? Yeah, even though I knew she probably said some other things, I was just so fed up by everypony's behavior towards me that I decided to vent a little out.
"Well, f@#$ you too, plothole!" I yelled.

Yeah. That's how. :twilightblush:

Of all the ponies I could've ticked off, I just had to tick off the one who happened to be incredibly fast and aggressive...

Well, Dimentio's made an enemy of Rainbow

:rainbowlaugh: Like that's hard:ajbemused: All you got to do is walk into town and sneeze loud enough to disturb her nap. Heaven forbid you're not a pony, if you aren't, you are REALLY screwed

Why must this be so short? Then again, my average chapter is about 550 words.:derpytongue2:
Anyhoo, please keep going!:pinkiesmile:

6163126 oh okay thank you, i remember i had read that, with that much degree today, i get a bit unconcentrated

I hope he does involved kids and crowds in his acts of magic being involved is fun and there support key for a good act it start small and build up his show full of thrills, fun and not brute force show of powers and humiliating he is after all a pleasers and entertainer of the crowds and magician pride at stake if he not subtle and he smart using magic no need to become a enemy so soon.


Yeah, chances are he is going to do that; he's a good magician, after all. :twilightsmile:

I always liked a villain displaced story rather then the other side.

Do you accept crossovers?


I agree. There are already more than enough heroes out there. So if one character is at least not a hero or at least kind of a villain, it fills the margin between the heroes and non-heroes.


That I would like to know too, Author! :pinkiesmile:


Well, I'm planning to, as soon as I get far enough in the story...

Whenever that'll be. :twilightoops:

I think I like the idea, but I hope not every second chapter is supposed to be a flashback chapter.

Please tell me the title of the most recent chapter is supposed to be "Origins" and not "Orgies."

Not really; it's more like


And that's assuming there isn't any crossover chapters inbetween, and, considering this is a Displaced fic, that's unlikely.

Origins. It's supposed to be Origins. It appears I spelled it wrong...give me one moment.

6583526 That´s more than okay, thank you.

'Put her in a mudslide, feed her to a lion, run her over with a crappy purple Scion; help me, help me, Sunbutt needs more ways to die...'

OH OH OH PICK ME PICK ME I KNOW ALOT OF WAYS TO KILL! evil turtles turtles drugs football or hoofball and the moon

Wait. Intermission chapters? Memories? Oh no. He went there. The Timpani and Blumiere memory segments are coming back.

I always enjoy displaced crossovers like this. Its so awesome seeing normal people be given the powers of interdimensional beings.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

:fluttershysad: *sadly plays Taps with a trombone*

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