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Someone goes to an anime convention dressed as Ryo Shimazaki from Mob Psycho 100. He admired the character, wishing he could live like that. Go out and have fun, enjoy the use of powers without having to care much about anything else, drop the boring shackles of modern society.

He hadn't expected to get the chance of a lifetime at this convention, a new life where he could do whatever he wanted.

All it cost was his eyes.

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She watched uncaringly as one she disliked disappeared. She watched angrily as the one she loved vanished. She watched almost sadly as a friend was spirited away. She too was soon transported through the void- to a new world, a new body. Now she has but one goal, she will find her beloved again... And these new henchponies will help, whether they like it or not.

Note: I have yet to notice any fimfiction stories with a displaced Ahuizotl and figured I'd try my hoof at it. it popped into my head the other day while I was helping a neighbor with some yardwork. I definitely do plan to go through and update my other stories. Also, there will be a mixed batch of genderswaps in this story just because.

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Dante attended a con with his two pals John and Tony. Everything was going pretty well... Until they met the merchant.

Now? Now he's feeling Cooler...

But he misses his friends, and he plans to find them... Somehow. Hopefully his five (or so) new friends, and one purple science psycho, can help him achieve that goal... Maybe.

Planning to tie this in with my other two stories Promising Shadows and Son of a Kaiju

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A teen goes to a convention with some friends. Dressed in casual wear and walking around, he notices a small pink gem that looks oddly familiar... After buying it from the Merchant he blacks out, waking up in a strange location with blonde hair, orange skin, and a seriously bad case of dragon breath.

I got this idea while watching an old favorite of mine from Cartoon Network called 'Firebreather'. It's about the son of Kaiju King Beloc, Duncan Rosenblatt. Look it up or wait for the story to progress if you're not sure what kinda stuff he can do.

Planning to tie this in with my other Displaced story Promising Shadows.

Tags and such will be added as the story progresses.

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A Displaced story idea I came up with when watching Wakfu season 2 for the second time and thought 'I kinda like Shadofang's powers..' and then this popped up.

Another poor sap comes across the merchant at a convention, and purchases what he thinks is a 'Replica' of his favorite Shu-Shu character from the show Wakfu. Turned to stone almost immediately upon arrival to Equestria, he has nobody to talk to but the ring he had purchased and the mis-matched creature that appeared to be sharing his fate. Freed about a thousand years later (Give or take), he escapes the Princesses grasp and leaves to explore the land. How will he make his way through Equestria with Shadofang on his hand?

Planning to tie this in with my Story Son of a Kaiju! and Feeling Cooler.

Switched from E to T just in case because mild swearing.

(Not a lot of character tags, because to be honest... I haven't got a completely clear idea of where I'm going with this yet... Just warning you ahead of time. Character tags might be added as the story progresses.)

Token Status: Probably not the best time for a displaced visit, unless you're okay with somewhat sporadic collaboration :pinkiecrazy:

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Alrighty... I'm not sure what your stance on HiE fics is, but know I enjoy them. This story was also inspired by the Power Lottery to some extent. To make a long story short, I was reading some fanfics on the site when I came across one that mentioned the power lottery. I got curious and looked it up before attempting the Ex(perimental) Tier, since I'm lazy and wanted to re-roll as little as possible. Each of the powers mentioned in this fanfic are the one's that I actually rolled, believe it or not. :derpytongue2: :pinkiesmile: :twilightsmile:

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony or any of it's characters and ideas. I only own my insanity, though if you want it... Please take it off my hands(Hooves? Brain?)... :pinkiecrazy:

A rather average brony known as John has been kidnapped and injected with odd powers before being launched into the land of Equestria. What will he do now that he's in the land of ponies?

Rated Teen for light swearing and some suggestive content, I may need to change the rating as the story progresses.

Saw the story in the feature box thing here on 2/3/2019.. (AKA today for me as of writing this.) - Did not expect this, but I feel pretty happy about it :pinkiesmile: - Thanks to everyone who enjoys my fic :pinkiehappy:

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