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Storm Shine

Just a fun guy trying to write fun stuff

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So.. Wanted to say sorry for lack of updates.. · 9:14am February 11th

College... Why college? Why? Whatever have I done to you? :fluttercry:​​​​​​​

So many assignments!

Sorry I haven't really been writing or anything much lately, but I've been swamped!

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Dont forget to like comments you 'like' :raritywink:
If just one reader is entertained its worth typing :ajsmug:

Yeah, I've just been really busy - Got lots of new responsibilities and stuff at my job and it's just been running me a little ragged. Trying to make time for everything has been pretty hard, but I finally managed to get on and get a new chapter out for one of my stories :pinkiesmile: :derpytongue2: :yay:

And you're back! It's been too long

Storm Shine added Displaced into Nothing to Favourites

So... Like... I see you have a few Displaced stories you write...
If you ever pick one of them back up, we could crossover sometime...

Please read my story when you have time.

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