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So.. Wanted to say sorry for lack of updates.. · 9:14am Feb 11th, 2020

College... Why college? Why? Whatever have I done to you? :fluttercry:​​​​​​​

So many assignments!

Sorry I haven't really been writing or anything much lately, but I've been swamped!

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2897281 That just makes things a lot better since you're a lot like me. Once I start, its very difficult for me to stop unless I'm directly looking at what in typing and sometimes not even then:heart:

Well I definitely do end up chatting away once I start talking about something, which annoys my brother to no end of course. :rainbowlaugh:

And I'd think maybe putting it all down on text when I'm rambling would make it easier to manage, since I could technically just delete it, but I end up typing it all out as I'm thinking it and then I just don't want to delete it for one reason or another, maybe because I don't mind people having insight on my thoughts, maybe because I just really don't want to get rid of whatever I put down, but sometimes I think it's because it's more natural me this way, since I can't exactly self-edit IRL so in a way it almost feels dishonest or something? I dunno. But generally I really only edit my rambling out if it's something important, or annoys someone, or something like that.

And then I end up with a little wall of text like that when I follow my thoughts all the way down the rabbit hole. Huh, suddenly I've reminded myself of Izuku from Hero Academia with the rambling and the rabbit thing. I mean, I'm not really that similar to him in any particular way, but those two specific things put together next to each other like that just reminded me of Izuku.

Thank you for the watch. May I ask how I earned it?

2897260 No no, by all mean, continue. I love it when I can engage in a conversation and hear someone chat away:heart:

Well I always love making new friends, so I'd be happy to be friends.
Also, glad you like the bio pic, it's the first good picture I ever got for the first MLP OC I ever made

Also also, (Sorry, dunno why I put it like that) I like the casual-type bio pic of Darkness you've got right now. I really like the KonoSuba anime, though Kazuma is both pretty smart and really stupid sometimes (Although I guess everyone can be a little of both sometimes). I know if I got a chance like that, I would've picked some sort of ability or something that couldn't be taken from me, not the goddess giving me a choice of things to take. But I think it ends up being pretty good for both of them, in a way. (Edit: and for Darkness and Megumin, of course. They make a fun little group overall. Should've added this before instead of having to edit it in :derpytongue2:) Definitely makes for an interesting and amusing adventure.

Sorry for rambling, I tend to do that anytime I have more than a few words in mind to say about something and/or don't think ahead before typing, just end up typing whatever comes to mind- aannd~ I'm doing it again. *gently bonks self on head* I really need to fix that.

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