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Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones. Her primary basis is the idea that these characters can meet and interact.

Welcome to the updated Displaced group!

Displaced is a setting that inspires character interaction, and crossovers, in new worlds.

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I think that's it thank you ill reread it in a bit

Perhaps it was "The Aetherium Mage"?

need help looking for a story I cant remember much what I do remember is he learns healing magic he cuts himself to practice

At least it’s better than anyone adding stories that are non-displaced - like stories that aren’t involving reincarnation or being transported to another world.

It think its less why its allowed and more perhaps the moderators around here got lazy / gave up. And yea, anyone can post anyones story into a folder when the author of said story leaves their Featured Default Groups to on. I don't know why the default is to set to a green checkmark when it outta to be set to 'X', otherwise stories just end up posted into groups.

Yeah that's really when I come to check any new stories here, its especially annoying when other people nominate other people's stories - I have no idea why or how that's allowed on this site, I would think only the author(s) are the only ones allowed to post a story to certain groups, but apparently you can add a story to a group's folder (nominations in this case) regardless if the story is relevant or most importantly, was written by them.

There are times I find stories not even part of a group's main descriptor and ask the original author, which a few of the authors I've ask tell me they never posted the story within the group's archives or the easier part to tell is by checking if the author is even a member of said group.

Update: So apparently I wanted to verify something to myself real quick, and apparently only the author may post said stories to groups - regardless if their a member or not... so that means all the stories I find on this specific group or any group at this point that are unrelated to the group's main description/purpose (ex. putting a horror story in a light-hearted stories group).

Which means any of the authors I follow or certain stories I follow that I find within this group that don't belong... have zero idea what the actual description of Displaced is supposed to be, what's more annoying is they're not members so they just pop in, assume by displaced it's referring to the generalized meaning when it's a very SPECIFIC one.

I feel like I had this same conversation awhile back and forgotten. At his point I'm dropping it, it's up to the admins of the group to remove stories that aren't relevant here, I get so peeved having to deal with these minor annoyances sometimes.

...At least the stories are good reads, even if they aren't actual Displaced fics.

Sadly lot of people just read the first line of the groups description and automatically assume their story fits because 'lawl displaced into equestria', I bet they don't even try to read the lore.


Thanks I’ll check it out later

not know if this is what you looking for but there a thing of (woof-gan) and a (Mozart) story ps: ( ) = spilling may be not right.

Dose anyone know of a musician displaced

Sup, just joined the group, wanna ask if anyone has done a MGS Displaced story yet? Cause i want to submit one if possible.

Looking for a story;

human turned into Armogohma from Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess

Hey don't mind me I just recently joined and I can't really write anything but I had an idea for a character so this character has the abilities of Blue beetle but his weapon from devil May cry that weapon is known as Lucifer have fun with this character

i'm looking for a story about a human turning into a anthro cat viya the murchent

The last time I came to check the group was what 2017 or 2018, but the moment I decide to check the stories folder to find any new stories that might interest me, what's the first thing I see?


I know this isn't the first time something like this has happened, but literally the story isn't even Displaced story or show any evidence that its part of the universe.

Yes the character in the story is displaced, but its not "Displaced"... I know, my explanation is confusing, the point is though:

The story is about a person who dies in an accident and is reincarnated as a changeling larvae - a changeling prince to be specific.

The three things that make a Displaced story a Displaced story, is these three absolute methods:

1. The charcter(s) had to been displaced by either a Merchant or Void-Dweller. (Reincarnation, Summoning, or Dimensional Transportaion for examples)

2. Later on in the story, the Displaced had to either find or encounter a Void Token or another Displaced in their respective story or the Displaced's story they are meeting.

3. Most Displaced have either take the form of a costume or character they were wearing or thinking about recently, and become said individual with their powers and traits. (There have be some unique stories that did things differently, for example displacing a normal shop clerk with zero powers... yes, there are Displaced stories with that kind of story plot.)

While yes I shouldn't be forcing down what stories are Displaced and not, I can immediately tell what's a Displaced story from reading the summary or reading the first few chapters of a story to judge... and stories that have their characters "displaced" but aren't part of the Displaced universe and are solely their own story-universe.

In short summary:


With that, its nice to see how the group is doing after such a long time, and I made my adieu.

Unpublished, was in the middle of a rewrite, but lost interest. There exists a slim chance I'll come back to it, as I still love Dark Souls and MLP but... I think I outgrew crossovers.

Ok, but why can't I read it?

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