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Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones. Her primary basis is the idea that these characters can meet and interact.

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Displaced is a setting that inspires character interaction, and crossovers, in new worlds.

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Hey would this count as a displaced?( even if most say it's not I'm counting it as one anyway :rainbowwild: )

Character dies on their home world gets a second chance at life and is given powers and a new body before being sent to equestria

Why no lantern fics?
Seriously I can't be the only one to see how awesome that would be. Picture it three friends come in to contact with three rings (all one color if you want) green,red and yelow( or blue) from here you can take it a few different ways but for time sake well stick with the basic one. As soon as the three of them put the rings on they are thrust into a new world full of possibility they could become the new defender's or grow and become the new leaders of there respective corp' s


If anyone knows a good "the seven deadly sins" story please let me know

Ok I got an idea for a bisplceds fic if any one whonts to take it if anyone heard about the anime called angels of death and they should know what I'm trying to talk about the first character Jack the guy with the scythe (I think that's how you spell it) and the girl whatever the f*** her name is and the two are siblings that likes the same anime together but both of them goes to the same universe when the guy buy the scythe and alicards guns and the girl buys the knife and Wendys arm bands from fairy tail butt they keep the name of the character's there dress up as (Ooo and the merchant is the blind man of the church in the anime) ooo and the world is anthro

Try picking a character you like and give them the opposite personality traits. For example if you like Darth Vader either make someone who's more evil and sinister than Darth vader Darth Vader or make someone who's happy go lucky Darth Vader. Another tip is to explore the limitations before you write. Like, who displaced them, how do they find out they're displaced, do they have knowledge about the show and the fan fictions? If they have knowledge, pull the rug from under them by making that knowledge useless or make it essential to the story. Also, just keep writing. I was trying a story with Black Hat and Shego that I scraped, and now I'm using the leftovers from that for my other story.

Story suggest

One human/pony without themselves notching become the only Royalty in Equestria and tries to get out of the situation and falls multiple times

Just a suggestion

does anyone have tips for writing a displaced?

This question has been bugging me for a while now, but what first inspired the whole "displaced" multiverse. what it based on a real creepy pasta? What was the first story?

That's most of the point of being dimensionally misplaced. It's more about equestria at somepoint rather than the MLP Characters, you can change almost everything but it must happen in equestria or something similar to MLP franchise.

I thought this group was deader than a tumbleweed in the snowfall. I could really use someone else to show up in my Pikmin story to save me from possibly what I would call a burrowing snagret probably. Or something else. I've needed this for quite some time toget myself started.

I don't think it's posted yet, mostly due to not being ready for the public. Mostly a copypaste. However im unable to do much of anything if I write myself into a corner. I don't think that I was prepared enough to fight the darned thing.

I just had an idea — you know how Tokens summon their Displaced to the location they were activated from? What if the Token being activated was in the same world they were in, but in a distant location?

I’m happy to announce my story is now open to displaced! I am willing to help basically talk to anybody’s displaced if they are depressed or just need someone to talk to. If anyone needs help than I’m open.

Pm me for any details if you want my help

Could someone give me the names of a few displaced stories that have lots of crossovers with other displaced stories

does anypony here know when the next furry/game/movie-con is gonnaa appear in Missouri :rainbowhuh::applejackunsure:

hello may i ask if you are make a romance and sex storie with crossover or background and mane six, princesses PM me of the list thy will be okay bye

Okay, this may be a dumb question, but here goes:
If there is a human-turned-into-favorite-character, and they are transported to Equestria, does it still count as a "Displaced" fic if the Equestria is anthro-based and slightly different from the show's storyline?

Question: can there be 2 different displaced to the same place. Example: one person gets displaced to Equestria and then later another person gets displaced to the same Equestria as the first? Cause if yes, then a lot of story possibilities open up

Anyone wanna crossover? I mainly do Fallout, centering in the later releases.

Can anyone make an Asura's Wrath displaced story? The only Asura's Wrath fanfics I have found are either dead or very short and uncompleted. I can't do it myself because I SUCK at writing.

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