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Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones. Her primary basis is the idea that these characters can meet and interact.

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Displaced is a setting that inspires character interaction, and crossovers, in new worlds.

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I have a idea of a story some could make a Madoika magica displaced

The very first Displaced is Solaire. I don't know if the group owner ever made an origins of the merchant.

Hey I’m curious who where the first displaced and merchant and what are the origins of the merchants

That would be "don't get cocky" by Nosferus, But It's not on here anymore, because the original author I think killed himself And/or died And somebody probably took it off here.
This is what he said on his last chapter: "Hello friends. Due to some circumstance, I cannot continue writing my story. Why? Because my life has come to an end. I am leaving this world. Anyone of you can have my story and continue writing it. I hope that my soul would go to my dream world where I can live happily. Good bye my friends."
But you can still find it on FiMFetch

Embark on a captivating multiversal journey where characters are displaced from their familiar worlds and thrust into new realms. This exploration centers around the intriguing concept that these diverse characters can cross paths and engage in unexpected interactions. It promises a narrative tapestry woven with the threads of unique personalities navigating uncharted territories, creating a riveting saga of interwoven destinies and unforeseen connections.

odd question but does anyone know what the first displaced story is?

Looking for a displaced story I started reading several years ago about a dude who got real sick of his life, took all his money, found the merchant, and bought a bunch of stuff from him. He ended up looking like Zebra from toriko, with several weapons that he fused together or remade like wolfwood's cross (trigun), dante's sword and guns, etc. As well as several powers from various anime/games.

I'm looking for a story where a human is turned into Armogohma from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and has romance with Fluttershy

Here's an interesting idea for a displaced fic for anyone wanting to take it.

Its based on final fantasy crystal chronicles more specifically crystal bearers.

there are four tribes creating humanity... selkie, Clavat, lilty these 3 look human the most with the exception of the lilty having unique hair and body structure.

then the 4th known as the Yukes they wear a metal body to hold their essence and soul and are the most magically gifted of the tribe as they can conduct spells and curses.

each tribe has a tribal crystal that each gives a blessing to their people.

with these four crystals the crystal principle/principality is formed allowing the tribes to live in harmony.

If one of these crystals is gone the crystal principality stops and no blessing can be given.

The tribes crystal that is destroyed then causes that tribe to not be connected to the world stuck in a void with their land slowly degrading and being destroyed.

with 3 crystal idols charged with magic power a ressurection of the lost tribal crystal can be used and save the tribe.

Lastly there are anomalies scene as monsters known as crystal bearers people fortunate/unfortunate to be blessed/cursed by having crystal embedded in their body giving them extraordinary power telekinesis, pyrokinesis, summoning, crystallising biological matter etc.

These beings can even power crystal reactors for them selves and gain a boost in power from them.

So yeah go crazy with a civilisation building fic. become a crystal bearing human or suit of armour with magic its your choice.

Looking for a story where a human is turned into the spider boss from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

You what we never have a displaced of a power rangers villain

I think that's it thank you ill reread it in a bit

Perhaps it was "The Aetherium Mage"?

need help looking for a story I cant remember much what I do remember is he learns healing magic he cuts himself to practice

At least it’s better than anyone adding stories that are non-displaced - like stories that aren’t involving reincarnation or being transported to another world.

It think its less why its allowed and more perhaps the moderators around here got lazy / gave up. And yea, anyone can post anyones story into a folder when the author of said story leaves their Featured Default Groups to on. I don't know why the default is to set to a green checkmark when it outta to be set to 'X', otherwise stories just end up posted into groups.

Yeah that's really when I come to check any new stories here, its especially annoying when other people nominate other people's stories - I have no idea why or how that's allowed on this site, I would think only the author(s) are the only ones allowed to post a story to certain groups, but apparently you can add a story to a group's folder (nominations in this case) regardless if the story is relevant or most importantly, was written by them.

There are times I find stories not even part of a group's main descriptor and ask the original author, which a few of the authors I've ask tell me they never posted the story within the group's archives or the easier part to tell is by checking if the author is even a member of said group.

Update: So apparently I wanted to verify something to myself real quick, and apparently only the author may post said stories to groups - regardless if their a member or not... so that means all the stories I find on this specific group or any group at this point that are unrelated to the group's main description/purpose (ex. putting a horror story in a light-hearted stories group).

Which means any of the authors I follow or certain stories I follow that I find within this group that don't belong... have zero idea what the actual description of Displaced is supposed to be, what's more annoying is they're not members so they just pop in, assume by displaced it's referring to the generalized meaning when it's a very SPECIFIC one.

I feel like I had this same conversation awhile back and forgotten. At his point I'm dropping it, it's up to the admins of the group to remove stories that aren't relevant here, I get so peeved having to deal with these minor annoyances sometimes.

...At least the stories are good reads, even if they aren't actual Displaced fics.

Sadly lot of people just read the first line of the groups description and automatically assume their story fits because 'lawl displaced into equestria', I bet they don't even try to read the lore.


Thanks I’ll check it out later

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