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Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones. Her primary basis is the idea that these characters can meet and interact.

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Displaced is a setting that inspires character interaction, and crossovers, in new worlds.

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Current Idea Thread: March - May 2018 Idea Thread
- Quarterly Idea threads are where you put up the ideas you had for Displaced. More expansive and detailed ideas may warrant their own thread but are still permissible to locks by moderation.

The Master Thread: The thread to lead you to all other important threads, aside from Idea Threads.

Displaced On Discord: A IM site where you can talk with other Displaced authors, the admins, and the moderation in real time.

Folder Directions:

The Displaced: Stories that are officially definitely considered Displaced through one means or another.

Quality Works: Displaced stories of considerably good quality, always accepting submissions to admins or mods for this folder.

-Nominations: Displaced stories of high caliber can be submitted here and will be reviewed by the admins and contributors for Quality Works. Please post your reasons for submitting in the following thread. Nomination Thread

Wars: Folders for the War Events in Displaced. Each subfolder corresponds to a War.

Rules are simple: follow site rules, keep topics tangentially related to Displaced and try not to be a dick. More can be read on the link provided. This is a NSFW group, but you are required to tag it [NSFW] in the title or it will be taken down on-sight.

Please do not contact the administration unless given leave to by the admins themselves, or directed to them by the mods.

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Your looking for Mysterious Priest

I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

Can anyone help me find a story i cant find i know that in the story the displaced character tricks prince blueblood into thinking hes a girl before going to a concert and blueblood feels him up in front of celestia at tbe concert before blueblood becomes horrified tbe its a dude and that the main 6 are there ant rainbow dash fals asleep at the concert before being startled awake by the cannons in the song overture 1812. If anyone knows the name of the fic can thay tell me i would love to reread it but cant find it.

Hello, name's Animatorsnake or Anim for short; just made a displaced story and kind of new to all of this. Wondering if anyone is interesting my character, just message me if yeah interested.

can someone do a displaced kirby story with the person displaced as a reformed marx?

Aaaand my fic is up! It's uploaded, everyone! Thank you all for all your question-answering and advice. I'll make you all proud!

How do Tokens work, and what happens if you're dressed as a fusion of multiple characters while carrying multiple prop replicas of weapons and armor parts before becoming Displaced?

I'm writing one as we speak.

Comment posted by Glad2415 deleted March 18th

Kinda sad that many good stories no longer get updates and that terrible ones do.

Comment posted by Space-Timecontinuum deleted March 22nd

If you can find someone to write pm me and we can get ideas flowing :pinkiehappy:

Thank u man that helps with Luna and if u have any more ideas let me know

darkrai Will be a good one. him/she can be a enemy of nightmare moon/lulu.

Who will wrote the story and who thinks it up because I have few ideas but can't spell for damn

Has anyone made a displace story on merum (that bug/ant king) from Hunter x Hunter or and has anyone seen a displace story on cell from dragon ball z with original cell in his head.

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knows this story about sunset begin targeted by Anon-a-Miss aka the cmc and a human super soilder I think her and let her live with her (oh and he has magic from final fantasy I think the little balls that let him do lighting attacks or what ever

If u know what story I am talking about please let me know

Tell me can you organize your Ideas. I can write long and well but I tend to loose the thread as I write.:twilightblush: I too have a ton of Idea. So If we are to collaborate we find the subject (I'm trying for "Dragonborn" or "the gamer":raritystarry: displaced for the long game, and something based on a clicker :pinkiecrazy: for short. ) as long as we can agree on how to build the skeleton I can flesh it up. :twilightsmile:

Anyone want to write a displaced fic with me I suck at writing but I'm awesome at being creative :pinkiecrazy: p.s by that I mean that we would both be in the fic >.<

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