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Displaced: A Multiversal Exploration of Characters removed from their home worlds and sent to new ones. Her primary basis is the idea that these characters can meet and interact.

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Displaced is a setting that inspires character interaction, and crossovers, in new worlds.

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Has anyone made a displace of darkside from dc comic? If anyone decides to make it they can use death battle from youtube as reference.

Ola eu gostaria de escrever historias de deslocados aqui eu sempre leio as historias mas as vezes nao consigo encontrar deslocados como crash bandicoot ou darkstalkers entao gostaria de escrever algumas com pelo menos 20 capitulos e algumas continuaçoes

Hi everyone, I just posted a revision of a previous work I have here called Fallen Kingdom Re. I'd like to have others take a look at it and tell me what they think

Also how do I upload my story's to the website

My first displaced story is call the great sage siblings what do you guys think

I'm think writing my own displaced story any tips on doing it

Are there any Generator Rex displaced on this sight? Crossovers would also work. I can never find any and it frustrates me.

Try The Deadliest Sin. It's verily new but great.

I just realized something crucial no one has met a displaced about the flex God himself if you have not watch seven deadly sins LORD ESCANOR

Does anyone know any good human displaced as Arceus stores

I just got done watching deku vs. Gentle criminal and I really hope someone eventually makes a displaced with gentle criminal and la brava that would be awesome and very interesting đź‘Ť

you know I wonder if someone has made a Splatoon displaced character

Can someone do a displaced of hitman reborn please.

Just watch the last episode of Steven universe, so sad it's gone, so I was wondering if anyone can make a displace about a guy/girl becoming a cluster gem, that would be awesome and if anyone does let me know, thanks for reading my request :D

I don't want to step on anyone's foot so can I ask if anyone knows if there's a evil shopkeeper group like the ones who basically use mind control to force you to buy things and the moment that you are done giving all your money that is in your wallet they take you and throw you into an universe where you are unable to protect yourself

After reading a bunch of displaced stories I have finally decided to try my hand into it I'm working on two stories right now about a crafter and a FBI agent.

I would love this I don't know if someone has already made this idea but someone do the 2018 version of Juggernaut in dp2 as a displaced

I have what i think would be cool but i sadly do not have the writing skills to do it
Pairing is Facilier x shemale Zecora ( i blame Derpibooru )
My concept is someone goes to a convention as Dr Facilier (The Princess and the frog). He encounters the merchant & buys the only thing he's missing Facilier’s cane & winds up in an anthro version of MLP Africa before Zecora left for Equestria. The two meet & form a partnership to make money for the trip to Equestria. Facilier doing voodoo readings & other oddities ( with the help of his friends on the other side ) with Zecora selling potions. The main plot is about their journey across the world & the enemies they face while doing so. Eventually she falls in love with him (he already loves her as she's his favorite character.
Facilier’s combat appearance would be similar to Hidan from Naruto & his cane would turn into Hidan’s Scythe. His powers would be linked to his friends on the other side.
If someone would like to use this idea please do it would make me happy just to see it done
Instead of it wasting away in my head never used

I might need some help.

  • Viewing 358 - 377 of 377
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