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The Masked Ghost

I am a ghost, I am alone, I am easily forgotten. I am a lone wolf, no one knows who I am, no one cares about me, but I care about them. Also I do some shit on here...


Spin Offs · 4:37am Last Tuesday

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Spin Offs

Ok so I don’t know if this will happen or not but I have been having these ideas for a while now and…it could work.

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Watch True Capitalist Radio...you bullshit artists...

I am a ghost. Although...not really..at least anymore...I mean..no one cares about me...but...at the same time I've learned to stop caring about that...also an alternate name you can all me by aside from The Masked Ghost is Bob Tom...just so you know...kind of went with the whole TMG thing because it sounded right...

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Oh sorry...didn't know you commented on the user page. I don't get notifications for that for some reason. The reason why I followed you was....was...uhhh...I honestly forgot. It's been three weeks and I don't remember why other than you have Rainbow Dash and she is best pony so...that's all I have sadly...I really don't remember why to be honest. I know I followed you for a reason....but I'm not sure...well sorry for getting this to you late anyways...

Oh...didn't now you commented...sorry for the late reply but....good clown commercial... now that I think about it...imagine if that clown was the clown from IT....hmmmmmmmmm...

I had to look up what that was...and ohhhhhh...I see...you are in the hottest place right now, That's where all the hurka durkas go...and since the place is mostly Islamic, of course it's going to be pretty hot. It must be hot with all the suicide bombings every hour...that's how the hurka durkas get to work every day...But you know what would be even hotter?... You and Assy going mouth to mouth while the hurka durkas explode around you...in a fire of love...

But I’m in Mauritania right now. That’s pretty hot too...

It is hot...so hot that I'm sure it would burn anyone alive...so hot...fan fiction need to be written of it...the erotic kind...

Look at the recent conversation we’ve had on his page, lol.

Ok good...I thought I would have to write a ship between you and him to get you both back together...

That’s good. The Thots would be a pretty terrible fate. And no I will always be in love with assy.

Good news...I found the ass man...he commented on one of my stories...the ass likes to hide...

I tried replying to the one about anime but I deleted it on accident ;-;

Sorry for the late reply, but, assuming I read the right thing, I didn't read it in full, mostly because I'm busy with stuff. Especially right now, i have stuff to do with Calculus (I'm pretty sure Calculus came from the depths of hell...) and I have to write some other shit that isn't Universal magic. But I did do a quick skim and it looks alright to me. Sorry...But you got you your 69th blog post...now that...is an achievement...

Oh shit, sorry again for the late reply...like I said, I don't get notifications about comments on my user page for some reason and I forget to check sometimes. Well anyways...well that sounds nice...it's always good to pillage some villages. I do it myself sometimes, but I also make sure to leave no witnesses though. And anyone that begs for mercy...I tie them up...and send them to the thots...where they will truly suffer the worst of all fates... But aww...did you and Assy brake up then?...

new blog post...is my story any good?

I've been okay. You know, just pillaging random villages in Guinea-Bissau. I haven't spoken to assy in a while no.

oh...didn't know you commented here...but yeah...my stuff usually gets blocked because of the mature stuff in it..and when I mean by mature, I said the word Hell on this good Christian site...that's enough to get you sent to hell by Baby Jesus for five thousand years...

  • Viewing 242 - 261 of 261
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