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Ruling Equestria can be a little tedious from time to time. And what better way is there to cure a case of royal boredom than with a few stories?


Seventy Ninth Week (But will they speak in Simlish?) · 11:13am Sep 30th, 2013

Greetings, ponies. Having just finished imbibing my morning drink, I think it is time to post the featured story of the week. Shall we?

Yes. We shall.

Ponies in Simcity (Chapter 1)

Our six protagonists wake up and find themselves in a world not like their own. What could go wrong?

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You roleplayed Celestia so well. I will never forget our fun times we had here.. Tia.
To the mod of this account, if you ever come back and see this, thank you for rping with me here.
(I was Luna you used to rp with before)

Ding dong, ding dong. Lemme smoke the mary jane bong, yah dumb dame. Im gonna raid your fucking "royal" pantry. When i cross demensions once again. After ww3 in the human world. Cause icbms make a beautiful display of rift tearing. Trick or trick lick my meat, i'll find something good to eat.

Comment posted by Nemo The Angel deleted Jul 14th, 2017

Hello my fellow Princess.

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