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WHY I just don't understand? · 6:00am Feb 2nd, 2013

Is this real?
When I first layed eyes on you, you had only rage and hatred in your eyes for me.
You filled me with fear, called me a monster.
My hatred for you is forever like this curse.
But you made my dead heart beat again.
Your beauty has a hold on me.
Time went by, and I fell in love with you
Though your beautiful master piece turns me into a monster.
But I love it and you all the same.
I think i love the moon and its puppetteer
Should these feelings even have existence?

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353972 Well, that's good. in my fic, she's just trying to live a normal life, and Three Leaf's a teacher at the school where Applebloom goes.

353969 well, in lost element, mitta's free'd of the curse.

353948 Yeah... my Mitta and Three Leaf are still zombies, but they somehow got their marks (turns out the curse doesn't actually prevent them)

353941 ah. well, in the newest chapter of Lost Element by Humanity, James, having gotten Nightmare Moon (Who was separated from Luna before) and Luna, to remove the curse placed on Sunny town, but, rather than remove it from the entirety of Sunny Town, he has her take it from Mitta only. since she didn't even deserve it! after which, she moves to Ponyville, and the Ghost of ruby more or less, follows her to ponyville, so that she can still have some fun, ususally playing with the CMC.

353922 I am referring to my own fic.

  • Viewing 89 - 93 of 93
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