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2015 already? · 5:44am Jan 2nd, 2015

Welp its 2015 and I've been dead for the entirety of 2014 [inserts facepalm picture] and yet I eventually come out of my gave just to post a blog here and there and then sod off and die.

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Just a weird smelly guy who writes stuff

Ditto :ajsmug:

Comment posted by XenoJohn deleted Sep 24th, 2014

1409242 currently working on a tf2 crossover...But I just restarted the first chapter (because the original turned out to be shit) but there is school constantly forcing me to suck it's dick.

But I am going to finish that chapter.

Of course I did fuck all last summer, but there was too much going to places I don't like and having little to no free time.

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