I over reacted when I made this group. This is now just a gag group to make fun of the recent appearance of the Bad Dragon advert on the site.

Anyways, I'm happy to announce that...
My Little Dashy, Past Sins, My Mortal Big Brother, Tales of a Disgruntled Friendship Student, and every other story on this site is now brought to you by Bad Dragon.

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A big part of the reason I started blocking ads on FimFiction, was that I felt insulted by one of the ads I saw.

But it was the "BronyMate" ad (or whatever it was called), I didn't see the "Bad Dragon" ad.

375230 Is this not brilliant advertising?! We bronies can now finally join the dictator Furry Race! As if we weren't close enough thanks to Rule 34...

375268 That's... actually a good idea. I've also improved on it a bit.

Dragor —> Bad Dragon

Edit: I also made a group, due to the removal of the Bad Dragon ads: Bring back Bad Dragon ads group.

Ah, they finally made a site for me.
Oh, wait. That's Duke on the banner.
(Another handsome dragon.):trollestia:

Maybe this is the road to porn being allowed.

Because mandatory love is super creepy?

I now need to get me some shit from bad dragon, eh... :pinkiecrazy:

I've been a bad, bad dragon.

375225 Right, because the dragon sees nothing wrong here.

375225 After talking to a few authors, I have learned to tolerate it. I kind of over reacted in the beginning, so now I've changed the focus of the group. The face palm pic will stay cause it's a funny reaction pic.

Thank God. And here I thought I was the only one this was happening to.

I'm actually really tired of the shitty porn everywhere here.

It's really disappointing that the site has resorted to advertising sex toys to stay afloat. We could have DECENT advertisers if only this place weren't full of autistic semen and offensive content.

I wonder what's driving everyone away?
In the meantime, enjoy this pretty picture.

Why such hate? Why can't you just love and tolerate it?

As if bronies aren't on the same level as furries.

zel #4 · Sep 12th, 2014 · · ·

My Little Dash, Past Sins

is now brought to you by Bad Dragon

fits perfectly in my opinion


Even if that's your thing... Isn't fimfim kicky/strange enough already.

375211 Lol. They actually do have of equine sex toys (model assholes, didoes, and flesh lights with the same colors sachems as the ponies and similar names to the ponies).I saw them wile browing DB a wile ago. There definitely trying to market the fandom. I know clop is big on this site, hell I wright it too. But really....

Even if that's your thing... Isn't fimfim kicky/strange enough already.

I've actually clicked on them and you know what? There's nothing about MLP even in there!

I say we sue for false advertising.

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