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If you have any issues with getting your story on the site or any personal issues (eg: depression), PM me. Please don't add me to random Skype groups without asking. Thank you.

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TF2 Item Wishlist

Australium Knife Got it.
Australium Ambassador Got it.
Australium Rocket Launcher
Australium Blutsauger
Australium Medi-gun.

One day I'll be rich enough to buy meaningless digital items. One day.



Everything you need to know

I'm Canadian and I write. I am not a good writer. I just have good editors. Stop praising my writing like it's fresh water in Africa. I've dealt with depression and MLP contributed to helping me cope. It wasn't what drew me to MLP, I just joined this "fandom" because I have nothing better to do.

I don't do "request" writing. I don't work like that. I don't do "commissioned" writing. Writing is an art form and a piece of expression, not something to make money from (unless it's your career). I'll release stories when I can and I'll update when I can. My ideas take time to mold and shape into something that will please you, the reader, and give you a feeling of excitement, sadness, despair, angst, or happiness. My writing is what I feel and what you read is my emotions. Each character I have created or have written (in my way) is a character in which holds a part of my personality.

How do I do this? Simple. Just write. You shouldn't spend so much time looking over other people's successes. You shouldn't say that you're useless and your ideas are garbage or taken. You shouldn't try to attempt to please everyone. You should please yourself and yourself alone. Set aside your doubt, sit down in your chair/sofa/bed and open up a document (fim, gdoc, word, notepad) and write. Whatever you create CAN and WILL be better. Just let your editors/pre-readers fix it and help you craft a story into what it should be.

I deal with this all the time and it breaks me when an idea isn't pleasing enough or executed properly. Some ideas can't work, even if you think they can. But, if your editor tells you "this may work if you did x, y, z, but..." then LISTEN. They're there to help you and not destroy you. My editors help me more than you could imagine and even if I may hate how it's done, it helps design a story much better than what I originally had.

Just write, okay? It's not hard to create something good. If it can be better and you don't want to submit it, then hold back and make it better. If it's not appealing to you, or to your editors, then it won't be appealing to others.

Oh, I also offer advice and I am a Pre-reader for FimFiction.

I changed my avatar from the original because people think I'm a moderator and I can actually change what happens on the site.

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Tea or coffee?

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