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Story is going to be rewritten at a later date. Expect that sometime down the road!

Is it out of foolish loyalty to your master, or is it merely stupidity that brings you here? ~ Nomad.

Nomad is a man of intelligence, power and above all witty sarcasm. He used to be an adventurer and what-not, but gave that up to watch idiots fight in an arena and continue to build up power. However, his plans were futile when an adventurer defeated him in a battle, and forcing Nomad to flee.

Now, Nomad is in the land of Equestria, facing new terrain, talking ponies, and Pinkie Pie's antics. It'll take a while to adjust and find any sensible beings to talk to... But, power will always be on his mind and he'll make sure to learn plenty about these silly ponies before he strikes.

Author's Notes:

UPDATES: They will come weekly, I hope. I want to stay ahead of the story. As of now, I have chapters done and some need to be edited. I'll continue to write this to keep chapters constantly going.

Nomad is not a human (although he is defined as one in the wiki, I consider him another race. Style choice). His race is defined as a "nomad", or a race of travelers. His appearance is just very similar and functions on a much higher level than a regular human. So, don't whine when there isn't a human tag (you don't need one with crossovers, anyways).

For those who have played this quest, I altered a lot of the dialogue to work with the story. It still has key points from the original, but I wanted it to be this way so I can add my own backstory to Nomad.

Thanks to The-Wazz for taking my request on DeviantArt and making it capture everything about Nomad!

Takes place after the events of Twilicorn. So, she will be a Princess within this fiction. This is a RuneScape crossover (something that hasn't been done well, yet) and I plan to keep this going for a bit. Going to advise this now, a lot of bull appears in the first bit to add some character background and relationship building. It'll be comedy for the first little bit until everything is set up for actual plot building. Think of this as the "introduction" and then the "rising action" will take place afterwards. So, enjoy!

For those lore junkies out there who don't know much about Nomad or anything about RuneScape:

Nomad's Wiki
God's Wiki + Ages Wiki
Creator-God: Freneskae
Creator-God: Jas

These are just pieces of useful information. Just in case I mention it in the fic.

Nomad and Nomad's Requiem is property of JaGex LTD. I clearly don't claim ownership of either and I only put this here because I don't want to break their copyrights.

Chapters (6)

First three chapters are being edited sometime later on. If they bug you because they're not up-to-quality with the rest of the story, feel free to skim them. Chapter 3 is the worst offender.

Rainbow Dash just wanted to go home. The weather was grim, sure, but she had to get home. Staying at Twilight Sparkle's library wouldn't cut it for her. Besides, she was too busy sorting out things. However, things take a drastic turn for the worse when she finds that going through the weather was beyond what she wanted. Even worse, she's now stuck with someone who may either be the pinnacle of her death, or her last and best hope of survival...


New Art by: dreamingnoctis - dA
Old Art by: Eldorado - dA


A/N: Fallout Crossover?! How original, Shadowflash! Do elaborate on such a creative idea!
Now, now, calm down. This is a twist to the original crossovers - I've yet to see one where The Lone Wanderer was evil and where Rainbow Dash is sent there, instead. I've thought about this long and hard, and it's time to do this crossover properly. Let's get to business, and I hope you enjoy. Love you all<3

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As noticed in his acts of cruelty, Sombra has earned his power and uses it to his advantage. But, where did this power come from? We can only tell be delving into his past...

His past about... Cleaning. Hilarity will ensue.


Inspired by the comments between Regidar, Art Inspired and I on this blog: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/89073#comment/514168


Chapters (1)

Soul Eater Evans is a Weapon at the Death Weapon/Meister Academy (DWMA, for short) and has had a few month break after the defeat of Asura, the Kishin of Madness. Soul and, his Meister, Maka get a special assignment from Lord Death himself. Unfortunately, it ends up with Soul landing in Equestria.
So, what is a Weapon suppose to do without a Meister? What are these ponies doing here? And why is Medusa the Witch now a pony?

Thanks to Madara XIII for editing what I have so far.

Another big thanks to Gunsmith for being so helpful as being my new editor. Check out his story, though. It's amazing. :3 Love you, Gunny<3


Cover art by moi! Oh, thank you, myself! Haha!... I'm so alone...


Side note: I'm adding characters as the story progresses. I'm not sure who I all want in it, at first. So, we'll see where it goes!

Also: Note that there are a lot of references to 'breasts' in this fic. Due to the nature of the wonderful show. Enjoy!

If you wish to watch Soul Eater and get all the references or understand how this story works, then go here:
Soul Eater: All 51 Episodes

Chapters (16)

I... Don't know where to begin. She was... Well... Just amazing. I guess you'll have to read my notes on the matter... How perfect she was. I loved her. To the ends of the universe. I hope you all realize that, too.


Rated T for mention of 'euphoria'.

Chapters (2)

Mister C, or known as Cursco Balba, Coltacus (C.B. Coltacus), is interviewed for the first time on The Luna Show: Ponytime!
What questions will he endure? Don't know! We'll find out after these messages!

Chapters (3)

Not everypony is perfect. Especially not Stuttershy. This pony is shy, a bit slow, and has a stutter.

During an event with some stallions, this poor pony meets Fluttershy. Maybe somepony who will accept him for who he is?

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Dark. Cold. Alone. Helpless. It's all she felt. It's all she ever felt now. The triumphant Vinyl Scratch meets her low point as she encounters a human -- who is not what she expected.
In this tale of Human Vs Pony, Vinyl is faced with a month of hardship with a human who absolutely hates her, and seems like he'll never accept her.
Will Vinyl crack under his turmoil? Or will she prevail?
Time will tell.

(Note: I changed the 'Everyone' rating to 'Teen' because I'm putting a lot of mature themes in it.)

Soft-core Rape

Author's Note:
I deleted the old version of this due to a thankful and helpful comment from a special someone. Thanks so much for giving me the idea of changing the story a lot. I couldn't agree more with you.

The foreground ( Vinyl' Scratch's head) belongs to UP1TER at:

Thanks UP1TER!

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This story takes place a year after the short story; 'The Love of Rainbows'. Carl finds himself a little bored with being in Equestria. Seeing that he hasn't been able to see any of his friends for quite some time. Outside of Equestria, Carl's friends are still at a lost of what exactly happened. And something evil seems to transpire between the two worlds. Find out what happens in this story!

Reader discretion:
contains adult themes that may not be suitable for those under the ages of 16.
Reader discretion is strongly advised.

---Link to the cover photo may be found on my other story.

Special thanks to those who encouraged me to try and write another erotica. I'm only doing this for fun; not for my needs. It's called 'expression'.

Anywho, enjoy the story!

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