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A Blog Post About Life · 4:29am Feb 10th, 2013

Hey, everyone. I think this might be one of the last few blogs I do. Maybe. I don't know. Anyways.

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WHAT??! Oh my god. im. sorry to hear that. i know its a little late, but im sorry to hear that.

2370173 Okay thank you for that answer. To be honest, while I know almost nothing about how his situation was, it sounded like his parents never concidered that he needed help and gave him to much pressure.
I wanted to write more, bit it didn't sounded right.

I really loved what he did, he had written an real mute man for most of the Story. Others always cry that it would be to hard, they shouldn't even add it, if they cure it two chapters later.


I have no problems answering any questions you may have, my apologies however as I don't come onto this site like I used to.

He suffered from a general depressive disorder, and often we talked about how he felt within his future and his present, and as stood, the future didn't necessarily scare him to say, but he was not ready for the future. He was not ready to go and work his life and get through the rest of college and the such, and the week he took his life, he was angry and his parents set him up for a job and the day he came home from that job, he took out of his house and didn't return.

As for his stories, I fell in love with the guy starting with his stories and finishing with his personality, it truly carried into his writing, and while it may not necessarily have been a passion for him, he cared and appreciated all those on this website, from praise to criticism.

As for a sequel, im not sure someone will be able to truly write in the way he does, copying a writers' style in my eyes isn't something that truly can be done, what we write is our thoughts alone, which makes it entirely unique in itself. However if someone wanted to write a sequel of their own, I would fully support that haha.

2305470 oh come on, not that I only won't even have the chance for a sequel to that story, whats more important someone there are just to many sad people on this site.

Not sure if it is my place to ask but was it because of how his storys where liked or did he already had problems? I just know at least two other guys on this site who have a few problems and I really believe that to hard critism would probably do them nothing good.

I was really shocked for a moment.

.....would it be okay if I ask someone to write a sequel if I liked his story " For Lack of a Better Word?"

I'm only saying that I'm tired at the moment and sick too, so please excuse me if I'm accidently rude or anything like that.


He passed about two months ago now.

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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