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Sometimes, it is better to speak without saying anything at all. But when not saying anything at all is the only option, it can make life much harder.

A man awakes in a new place, alone, yet not. Will he meet someone, or somepony, that will accept him for his differences?

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A blatant rip off of the old Spongebob episode titled "Sailor Mouth". Only with ponies.

All copyrighted material belongs to the respective owners. Teen for a bit of cursing. I apologize if this idea has already been taken; alert me if it has. I realize these are not the exact plot events in the episode, I did this purely off of memory and altered it to fit the setting.

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After some apocalyptic events, a man awakens in a land he recognizes all too well, in the house of a cyan blue pegasus with a rainbow-colored mane, with a body that is not his own. Simply put, this is the story of how he copes with his new life and with the relationship he shares with Rainbow Dash.

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