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Hey there everypony. Flawless Victory here. I've been recently re-reading my various stories. First off, I thank all of you who've read, liked, commented and/or faved my fics. Secondly, after reading my fics, I've noticed all the errors that were in them:facehoof:. So I've been combing through them and have been edited: Poolside Fun, Life With Rarity, As You Wish, The Calming Rock, and Chaotic Anniversary.

I'm planning on doing this for all my fics. So keep an eye on them :raritywink:

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About me

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there. The name is flawlessvictory20. Been a fan for a few years now and I just recently started writing fics. A few facts about me: I'm a guy, I'm married (my wife is a fan too), and I'm a video game designer.

I do art request and commissions (currently closed).

My artwork can be found on:

My favorite ponies:
Overall: Fluttershy (I know shocker)
Princess: Luna
Foal: Sweetie Belle
Background: Derpy
OC pony: Comet Burst
Non-canon: Princess Molestia (RIP Molly :ajsleepy:)

Favorite Dhips:
Angel BeastxComet Burst
SpikexSweetie Belle
Sweetie BellexButton Mash
Tempest ShadowxTwilight Sparkle
Pinkie PiexPrincess Skystar

My Favorite Fics
M0re than Gam3ers (DerpyxLuna FTW)
Caputuring the Heart of the Moon
The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine
Epic Rap Battles of MLP

Clop Fics
Trix Tix
Blooming Heat
Young, Wild, and Free
The Canterlot Tales
Breaking In Her Stallion
The Relapse

Unintenionally Yours (the first fic I ever read)
The Sweetest Gem
Setting Her Heart Aflutter (my favorite Fluttershy fic
The Poison of Passion
Nothing is Set In Stone
Pretty in Pink

The Legend of Spike Discord's Mask (best Zelda crossover ever)
The Amazing Spider Mare
The Golden Armor
The Golden Armor II

Slice of Life
Heart to Heart
Diary of a Foalsitter
A Musican's Memoirs

Feels fic
My Number One Assistant
Sleep Tight My Love
The Gift of the Mash

Dark Fics
Taming of the Screw
The Twisted Pony
The Alicorn Instinct

Human X Pony fics
The Wub Carries On
Her Whole Darn Heart
Show Stopper (favorite Trixie fic)
A Bubbly Hearths Warming Eve
Tugging At Her Heartstrings
Unwanted Attention
In the Hooves of an Angel
Until I'm in Your Hooves Again

My image Gallery

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