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a place to find any and all fanfic's using Zecora as an important charichter all fics are alowed to be posted from clop to one shots anything using the best zebra ever is allowed just upload it to the corect folder also clop and mature have been sepperated since clop is not the only mature content on fim also if you have any sugestions for the best folder wich shall have the top 7 best rated fic's please PM me about it also i will not allow bigotry of anykind joking about it is okay but acting like a bigot will result with an immediate ban being a bigot dosent matter to me only if you start acting on your bigotry will the ban hammer come down also all storys are catergorized based by the rating in thiere descriptions if you feel it is misplaced please tell me and explain why you think that it neads to be moved also a new folder has been added for all memmbers who have written a story that is not count as a zecora related fic all fic's are allowed in this new folder no matter the rating as long as you wrote them also a fic can fall under more than one folder if the other folder is the "best" or memmbers story's" folder and if please no hate in the comments if you're gonna argue and not discus the story or groupe please move your conversation to the PM system and remmember all storys uploaded on here are not gonna be found by me alone all folders can be uploaded to without being a contributor or admin only the "best" folder is admins only every folder else is free game

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Happy to see A group that is for one of my most favorite characters

I have story that features Agent Hydra.
Oh, my bad! She goes to the public as Zecora.
Please don't breathe a word of what I said to the prying eyes of Equestria! Nopony must know that Zecora has just joined a secret organization.
Oh No! There I go again!
I better go before I release any more top secret information!

Read "Tales from the Equestrian Others- The Fallen Angel of Ponyville" To learn more.
Zecora will be getting her own story after my six friends (other OCs) and my own, or maybe sooner if enougj ponies ask, so stay updated!
But don't worry, she's going to be a main character in my first story and a side character in others!

350 Members! Holy Celestia!

Hello, I hope you pplz don't mind this random gif. 'Cause I ask ppl for permission before being random! :scootangel:

Not to be that person.

But it should be spelled "Zecora Fans" without the '

Comment posted by Dragon Dred deleted Jan 15th, 2014

Zecora rules, enough said :eeyup:

In the title:
Capitalize Fans for title subject, and take that apostrophe out, it's a plural, not possessive:twilightsmile:

This group needs an icon! Funky fresh rhyming zebra rules, yo! :yay:

im glad there is a zecora group, shes not best pony in my opinion, but she is amazing.

Sun and Moon Day and Night she rhymes all the Time Black or White White or Grey she still rhymes all Day. Stew Potions Rhymes or Wood each element come into the Woods she roam for the flower of Power and this is the Mistress of Rhyme who makes Potions all of her Time


I somehow did this in 1 min :rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

Well hello every one it's nice to know there is a Zecora group. She is one of my top three favorites, I am glad I found you I hope that I can have some thing written for this group but I have several projects right now.
I thought it prompt to say hello at least.

Ah Zecora, a character that shows why you shouldn't judge someone based on looks. If only more people could learn from her (especially here in the U.S.)

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character. Zecora plays an important role and is her actions drive a good deal of the story forward.
Hope you enjoy.

Joined. Why the hell not?

Just a little pointer. fan's is possesive, in the case of, "Zecora fan's group." it would work.

But if it's just Zecora fans then there is no apostrophe.

197852i looked up the word "griffon" and started adding fic's that fit the ruels

Wats happening Hear I got like 14 notifacations

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