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hi i dunno what to write, so check out my page!


solarchaser0728 · 7:45pm Oct 29th, 2013

i finaly got arund to changing my user name sorry for the confusion, but im happy to put awesomeness0728 behind me

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video stuff

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sup' Solar. Busy on other sites? haven't had many messages from you...:derpyderp1:

832041 It's a character for my story. His name is Speed Demon. He is one of the Wonderbolts who acts as a sub while Rainbow's out.

827685ha I don't know... whos the new oc?

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solar chaser

so, a bit about me your asking, well, my name is solar chaser im 15, (just so you know 15 isn't my real life age just for my oc,) Pegasus, mare, and have a knack for drawing, also, I have a vivid imagination. like ill be laying in bed when all of a sudden I think of a scenario wher- never mind, lest just say my mind could be cleaner. I have a few great friends, like shadow knight 15, mare, allicorn. dream dancer 16, mare, allicorn, spirit wolf, 14- I assume, mare, allicorn. frostbite 15, mare, Pegasus and neon star 15, stallion, unicorn.

so that's about it- oh wait there's more, my name i like it, its just it really doesn't go with me as a pony, my parents were hoping for a weather pony, but things didn't go as they planed, if you have any art realed names put it in the comments please.

so now were done.

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