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This group is for anyone who has fanfictions involving Zecora or any OC Zebras of any sort for the MLP universe. If you love zebras, share the love and join up. Zorse characters are also allowed.

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Another group based off from my one of my favorite characters

I just added my fic, Love Your Difference to this group. Although Zecora isn't the main character and she doesn't come into it until halfway through, she plays a huge role in the story and I felt that it would fit in here.

Certainly a very applicable group for my story, seeing as I come up with a whole society for Zebras living on a planet in the same solar system as Equestria (also referring to a planet).

Love this group. I just started my 2nd story and I really want Zebras and nonpony chracters to shine through. :heart:


Oooooh that sounds so interesting! Can't wait to see. There is just so much open to us in creating information about the Zebra Tribe

hello, I added Spike the Knight Zecora is an important (not main) character for a good part of the story.

So glad you created this group. My story is all about zebra slavery.

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