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Welcome to My Page!

Hello, my name is David and I am an aspiring author. I love writing with a passion, as well as helping others improve their own work. If you ever want me to look over something, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help! And of course, I hope you enjoy my stories!


The Darkening: Chapter 7 · 5:17pm Apr 3rd, 2019

Finally, it's done! This chapter gave me a lot of grief. I wrote the Twilight section over a dozen times easily, and honestly, I nearly gave up at one point. But I didn't, and thanks to a comment from my newer pre-reader, Zodiacspear, it turned out even better than I'd hoped. So look for chapter 7 to be posted next Wednesday around noonish (EST) as usual, and check out the excerpt for the chapter after the page break.

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Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

This is me giving you your first page comment in a year. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks, honestly so much effort has been poured into this story than I thought possible. Still wish more people read it though.

Cool! I've been pretty busy, but I'll check it out eventually.

Hello? You still around? It's been a while, but all current chapters available on my in progress story have been updated. I can't guarantee it will be perfect, but I managed what I have so far.

  • Viewing 107 - 111 of 111
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