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Welcome to My Page!

Hello, my name is David and I am an aspiring author. I love writing with a passion, as well as helping others improve their own work. If you ever want me to look over something, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help! And of course, I hope you enjoy my stories!


The Darkening: Chapter Five · 2:13pm October 3rd

All right! Chapter five is done and ready to go, and chapter 6 is just about ready to enter its editing stage. I've been getting a bit more free time so work on this has been coming along pretty well. Anyway, you can find the excerpt for chapter five after the page break, and watch for it to come up next Wednesday! Now I'm off to start working on chapter 7!

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Thanks, honestly so much effort has been poured into this story than I thought possible. Still wish more people read it though.

Cool! I've been pretty busy, but I'll check it out eventually.

Hello? You still around? It's been a while, but all current chapters available on my in progress story have been updated. I can't guarantee it will be perfect, but I managed what I have so far.

You're welcome!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for giving my story and telling what you think might be the problem with it. I often want readers to tell what they think of my story and if there is anything I can do to improve it. I already said what I need to say in your comment on the first chapter of my story. Other than grammar issues readers don't tell me what can be glaring problems in the story.
Makes me wonder how the heck did it do decently on fan fiction.net. Even more so my crossover story since it follows that time and location format I do in my mlp fanfiction.

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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