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Welcome to My Page!

Hello, my name is David and I am an aspiring author. I love writing with a passion, as well as helping others improve their own work. If you ever want me to look over something, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help! And of course, I hope you enjoy my stories!


The Darkening is Back! · 11:53pm Sunday

I told you it wasn't dead! Yeah, I saw it when those of you placed it in your "dead" and "graveyard" bookshelves, and I gotta say, each one of those hurt my heart a bit, but I get it. I haven't updated the story since April 2019!

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Hehe I can’t wait to hear what you think about LoH. :twistnerd:

Okay, I'll be glad to hear what you think of the story. I'm not expecting any sort of comments on it, but I'll hear them out if I have to. Oxygen was a project I put off writing and was just lying around my box of ideas.

You're welcome! I noticed that you don't actually have any comments talking about the story, so I'll leave a comment on what I think. I'll probably also offer some advice or tweaks you could make, I just can't help myself. It's a sickness.:twilightsheepish:

Hi Bronydad, thank you so much for adding Oxygen into your library. I hope you enjoy reading it:twilightsmile:.

  • Viewing 118 - 122 of 122
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