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Funky Pony

Really just some person who likes reading and MLP. Nothing too special about me. Or is there? Nope, probably not.

Goals on FIMFiction

I set some pretty high goals for myself. I probably won't achieve them all. Maybe none. Will be updated when goals are achieved.

1. Actually write a story
2. Get 100 followers.
3. Have a story be featured. (Ehh...not really important.)
4. Have someone who makes a cover for one of my stories.
5. Become a better writer.
6. Become a better editor.
7. Learn to be a better artist. I would like to be able to draw something better than a stick-man. :facehoof:
8. Follow more people than Tentacle Slaphappy :trollestia:

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Hello again and thanks for another fav on why she serves:twilightsmile:

I feel like I know you from somewhere but I just can't place it :duck: if I forgot I'm sorry, but either way thanks so much for the fav on show business:twilightsmile::trixieshiftright:

I guess you liked it. Thanks for the follow.

Thanks for the favorite on Death of a Queen. I hope you're all caught up, because it's ending soon.

  • Viewing 122 - 126 of 126
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