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A groovy mystery, gang.


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2307368 he's.... a bit off on that estimate of the story ending

May 12, 2013

“This Platinum Crown” is nearing completion. After working on it for more than a year, it is fast approaching the final arc and climax. I expect to finish well before the end of the year.



For non-pony fiction, read Psi Effect. He also wrote that.

Was nice talking with you about literature after the Romance panel at Bronycon. Been reading your stuff for awhile and it was nice to meet you in person! Hope that you continue your crackfics one day.

I met this 'Chryssalid' creature at BronyCon. 9/10 not enough XCOM soldiers killed, didn't get into a fistfight with it. Would get lunch with again, any time, anywhere.

This author's sharp as a tack, has written some of the fandom's best fiction (See: Best Night Ever), and is a class act all around. Analysis: Don't be afraid to approach, this Chryssalid is friendly.

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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