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A groovy mystery, gang.


Shipping. Shipping the never before shipped!
After the end of Season Two, the mane six enjoy a cruise and along the way meet six unusual partners...!
- - -
No OCs. The challenge is in shipping something not seen before, is it not?!
Don't bother checking the character list either. I won't spoil the identities there. Maybe when all the chapters are done and online. Maybe.

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What have you done?


Talk about ya crack pairings ^^
Can't wait for more :twilightsmile: :heart:

Fluttershy and Blueblood.


Well, interesting. It took me a while to figure out Soarin', but I got there in the end, mainly because of 'Distance Flight.' Blueblood just came out of nowhere. Cool!

First i saw the picture then i said "yes this will be a good story" now i have been proved right can't wait for more....mush.

Nicely unusual pairing, and I like the astronomical bits as well.

There we go! I'm always worried about stories like these, because just about every pairing has been done. The last one has at least two prominent serials that I can think of, which did nothing to belay my fears (although it was quite good), but HERE there be dragons.

Good work.

You monster!


Whoa nice! TwilightxSoarin, didn't see that coming!

Is there going to be a way to get Blue Blood get mauled(if not eaten) by sharks in the incoming future?:pinkiecrazy:

BearShy, wait I mean BlueShy is a great new ship. Unless I misread it, I assume Bluey is trying to track down some seaponies?

I can't believe this, but partway through this, you somehow got me almost liking Blueblood a bit, without massive character change over story! Wow!!!
Funny thing is, the more I think of it, I'm honestly surprised that I haven't seen more Fluttershy/Blueblood...It seems like if anypony could possibly make him a little more tolerable, it would be her.

You're going to have one hell of a time finding an original crack pairing for Dash. She's been shipped with pretty much everything out there.

Blue and green chariot teams, eh? Someone's been taking notes from Byzantine history, it seems. :rainbowwild:

Er, shouldn't Fancy Pants still think Rainbow Dash is the Wonderbolts' trainer? :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, this really is an original story. I was kind of skeptic when you said that it would contain different shipping that had ever been done before, but I was really surprised by a lot of the pairings, great job. I almost thought that Blue-blood was Dr. Whooves, it would've been just as surprising. Rare spelling/grammar mistakes, nothing of real note. Great story, keep up the chapter flow and I can easily see this being one of my favorite stories. :moustache:

FancyDash? Wow. (RainbowPants just sounds weird...)

hmmmmm... :twilightblush: soarin cool story bro

Rariburn? Braeity? Yet another new (to me at least) and interesting matchup.

For some reason I see the Titanic....

"I figure I'll probably live to sixty."
Do ponies have short life-spans or something? :rainbowhuh:

That, sir, was absurdly unexpected!
Twilight & Soarin? Why not?
Fluttershy & Prince Blueblood. Interesting.
But Rainbow and Fancy Pants... wow.. just wow. This is a little weird.
But I still feel surprised.

YES! Blueblood and Fluttershy! Very nice pairing, though, she'll ease his rudeness and he'll make her even more assertive (the HORROR)



I just sort of typed that without thinking about it much. RL horses, like most animals, don't tend to live as long as us humans, plus my own view of canon is that pony technology is 19th century, wherein a generous life expectancy would be around 60. Of course, to most of us first world types here and now, 60 is way too short; we expect to at least eek out 100 if we mind our health.
RD and Fancy met briefly at the end of Sweet and Elite, and I think he figured out she wasn't the Wonderbolts trainer at that time or afterwards.
He did seem a little worried by the white-tip that swam over in ch2, but with Fluttershy around, I don't think any animal would dare take a bite.:flutterrage:

To most everyone else:
Thanks for the comments, I'll just say again that the purpose of this was odd, unexpected pairings! My own personal take on the serials?
Sparklin' Blueshy Fancydash Braeity
Only Applejack and Pinkie Pie left now...

I think what makes this story good is that despite being very surprising/unexpected, the actions of the characters are very believable. Its a good piece of writing and I'm looking forward to the final chapter. :moustache:

I love this, it really is pairings I've never seen done before, and wonderfully done. Never considered any of these pairs, or some of the non-main characters you used, but still done well. Non of them are even acting unlike they normally would, you haven't really changed who they are, but you've pulled it off.

Awww, only one more chapter left?! But you've barely given us a glimpse into these strange yet fascinating ships! Now that you've started my imagination running I'd like to see some of them fleshed out more just to see how the romance would play out.

Oh well, the story is still very enjoyable and I hope the Epilogue will be as well! I wonder if everypony will learn about the other's dates... The reactions should be fun to watch! My only gripe is that I couldn't sense much romantic potential between AJ and Flim. To me it felt like they reconciled and became business associates, there was maybe even a tentative friendship forming between the two, but nothing beyond that. I just didn't feel that certain romantic vibe I guess...

AppleFlim? I like the "noone is actually a villain" approach you appear to be taking.


This is not that much of a crack pairing, if you think about it. It's about on par with Twixie, in fact, in terms of canon, so if that's not a crack pairing this certainly isn't. BluebloodxRarity (couldn't think of a shortened form that looked right) is also on the same level, though it's less common.

The epilogue is going to be all of them seeing who the others have paired off with, isn't it? Also, I am impressed that you have not used any background characters; you've only used characters with defined names and personalities.

you WILL sequel this.

:pinkiegasp: You're gonna have a grey unicorn filly named Pippin!
:applejackunsure: What makes ya say that?
:pinkiecrazy: All the signs are in place...


:raritystarry: Darling, just look at Twilight's new niece! She has the most beautiful black coat!
:rainbowhuh: I dunno, she's got weird eyes like spike's...

Not bad. Mind you, as one of Dashie's creepy obsessed fans, I'm always ambivalent about unusual pairings with her, but this was done well enough that I shall rein in my fanboyism. :scootangel:

Also, blues and greens, whites and reds? Someone's been reading up on Byzantium. :derpytongue2: Also, it reminded me of this song, which I listened to as I read the part about the races.

Good jorb.

Oh man you made me spit my drink :rainbowlaugh: BLUEBLOOD!! OUT OF FREAKIN NOWHERE!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Fancy pants is always a basass, in whatever fic he's in.

562909 It's ok allright, but the very moment he makes fluttershy cry he's fair game for all the predator animals around, no exeptions

562909 "My own view of canon is that pony technology is 19th century."
Though I have seen a modern dam, an arcade machine, and an EKG cutie mark. I'd say 1970's at the high end but 1870's at the low. Media seems to be in the middle, ponies have sound systems but the only visual media I've seen was a black & white film.

Pony-tech is fascinating, really. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash and Fancypants?, well this was completely unexpectd and it looks very good so far, but one question, What happend with Fleur De Lis?, Isn't Fancypants and her where an Item? or just two very good friends and nothing more

Something to cover in a potential epilogue. I liked one alternative that no one thought of before: she's his bodyguard!
Haha. Yep. I was lucky to find that this pairing hadn't been done before.
Exactly what I wanted. The pairings couldn't just be 'new,' they also had to be at least semi-established characters. But you don't think AppleFlim is crack enough? I guess there have been pictures of AJ and the brothers, but as far as I knew, no fics.
One of the things I considered, writing these chapters, is just how much each pair needed just to get back on even footing before any real chemistry could click. AJ's chapter required the most, and she was very proactive in it. I guess you could say I thought of the 'partnership' step as being the biggest hurtle with the hypothetical litmus test being how the brothers integrate to life on Sweet Apple Acres. It doesn't help that I've always thought of AJ s very professional-minded.
The Eastern Roman Empire is always on my mind. lol. I figured it was just a fun little bit of trivia to stick in and I'm glad a bunch of people noticed! Though Dash's loyalty towards the Reds also matches some of the grief we modern sports fans often feel towards our favorite teams that tend to struggle.
Thanks. I sort of figure, imagine if we saw any of the mane six on a really bad day (or a freak out) - we'd get a bad impression of them too. So I tried to give all the former antagonists the benefit of the doubt in my own way, though I also didn't want this to be about a 'villain's redemption.' They are who they are.
Thanks again for reading, guys!

572705 Well, AppleFlim is something I haven't seen done before. It just occurs to me that, given show canon and nothing more, it seems about as likely as something like Twixie.

572705 Fleur being Fancypants bodyguard?... hmmm... ME GUSTA!, that's really an interesting concept and nopony would expect that, then again your AppleFlim starting out as a buisness relationship at first have a lot of potential, and finally the Trixie Pie was just simply awesome and the way you put it makes as much sense as the pinkie sense(don't question it, just acept it)

572705 572799 Fleur as a bodyguard sounds like a great idea.

572928 Talking about decieving apearances don't we?:trollestia:

Rock paper scissors... With ponies...


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