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A groovy mystery, gang.


Worgen? Try Ponies as the new Alliance race instead! Deathwing's Cataclysm breaks open the seals separating Equestria from the rest of Azeroth, allowing in the insanity that is World of Warcraft and WoW players.

I also recently got a spin off! Check it out!
"A Day at the Quest Hub" by Braininthejar

WoP TV tropes page here:

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Dude! Welcome to fimfiction.net!

This was the very first Friendship is Magic fanfiction that I ever read and it's gotten me so deep into the fandom that I'll never claw my way out! Not that I want to.

I just want to say again how much I loved this story and how influential it has been for me. Just about everything you write, I love!

Looking forward to future stories that you write! I'm watching you!:trollestia:

YES! This looks like a great fanfic! I'm going to start reading this as soon as I'm done my next chapter in my own WoW crossover. :pinkiehappy:

Chryssalid? Have you seen X-COM?

Mother of God...
Preparing Leeroy Jenkins jokes in

I want this to happen it wow right now! But... I don't play wow anymore... :fluttershysad:

looks nice haven't read it yet tho hope its good

Celestia's Socks, this fic makes me wanna play WOW again!

Welcome to Fimfiction Capn. Good to finally see you again.

Gahh, i loved this Fic so much, it actually got me to renew my WoW account for the first time in almost a year :heart:
Sad to see the Fic and so soon though :fluttercry:

Lastly. DESTROY THIS LETTER WHEN YOU FINISH READING IT. I can not repeat this enough. No one destroys these things. They just leave them for idiots to read when they die. How hard is it to toss it in a fire or throw it off a cliff or, I don't know, just crumple it up and eat it or something. Do not just tuck it into a pocket and forget about it! I don't want any damned mercenary types finding this and thinking: "Oh, hey, I think we should go kill this Voidhorn pony, I bet he had lots of gold and loot." That is about the last thing I need right now.

I'm not fond of meta stuff normally, but you does it so well that it becomes hilarious!

This was definitely among the first fanfics I read when I got into the brony community. Highly recommended if you're a WoW fan, naturally, but I stayed for the excellently thought-out action and the intriguing OC--*ahem*--NPCs the Capn cooked up. Hope this makes it to the featured box; it truly deserves to be there.

The Brony in me likes the strory
The Horde in me wants to KILL THE FILTHY ALLIANCE SCUM
The brony in me is also sad that i now have to kill ponies

Oh dear... I can tell this is going to be one crazy read...

385673 The Brony in me thinks this is too bad ass.
The Horde in me wants to agree with you.
The Alliance in me want to say "Love and Tolerate" to you.
I don't follow either and let my Brony side say "I LOVE AND I DON'T EVEN NEED TO TOLERATE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS FIC!"

Awesome, it's finally here on FiMfiction!

He said he'd write more about the Great and Powerful Warlock (Trixie), but I haven't seen anything yet. Also, the class choices are very well-thought-out. Pinkie Pie as a Shaman fits surprisingly well, as does Rarity the Priest (best pony is best class :raritywink:)

This fic, so much win. Only problem is the Alliance part.
Glad to see the one thing I cared about right away, Death Knight ponies ftw.

I, for one, have always been happy that the ponies were Alliance in this story... simply because that's what I mainly play. Plus I bet their female model wouldn't have turned out nearly as bad as the worgen's.

Though I appreciate This Platinum Crown, I do hope you make good on some of the continuation ideas you posted at the end, Cap'n. The Warcraft adventures of the Mane Six must continue!

Not sure if you know, but this is actually a reference to a letter that exists in-game. Near the enterance to the Blackrock Spire (level 58 dungeon, also where the famous LEEEEEEEEROY took place way back in vanillia), there's a named guard who carries a letter that basically says "Idiot, destroy this letter, blah blah blah, I trusted this powerful artifact to someone actually trustworthy (who I will name for some reason), unlike you who I don't even trust to destroy a letter without me telling you to. And you probably still won't."

As you may guess, the guy is the target of a quest, and the letter starts another which leads to the other guy mentioned in the letter. As you may guess, the guy was standing right next to a torch yet the letter was still in his pocket, not being destroyed in any way.

Yes, Dash is a paladin!

Well, nice to see this on FiMFiction, although I've already read it on FanFiction. In fact, it was...like the second story I ever favorited on FF.net. Found it completely by accident and I just recently found out you're somewhat of a major author with lots of popular fics besides this one. Huh, shows what I know.

I could go on and on about what classes I expected everypony to be, or how this and this contradicts something in actual WoW lore, or how respawning works, or how dungeons and raids reset, and how phasing would play a part in this fanfic, ect.
Example: There is NO possible way that the Mane 6 are the first to ever get to and complete the Castle Everfree instance. People have flying mounts, and the Twilight's Hammer had to get there somehow as well. They also met Horde there... Horde who probably were just random adventurers, and not part of the instance. Thusly, dungeons and raids have to reset in some way. Perhaps some kind of time spell is on them that rewinds time after you leave, that way you can fight there again and get more experience, allowing you to MUCH more quickly move on to more challenging stuff. (I say MUCH because questing is very slow and only gets exciting at the end of a LONG chain.)

Oh, look at that. I kinda did go on. Not on and on, but still.

Great story here. Love Applejack's tale of how she became a warrior. And by a Thunderbrew! :pinkiehappy:

Some proved their commitment by undergoing voluntary gelding.

Okay, over the top, unnecessary, and too unsettling to not raise objections. REALLY, people. You're not in a contest to see who can raise the most horrific implications.(And as if Celestia or Luna would want a bunch of EUNUCHS around themselves...)

Those who desired advancement traditionally forsook family and friends
Which flies right in the face of what is supposed to be the founding principle of Equestria--- the Magic of Friendship, remember? Elements of Harmony, Hearth Warming Day, any of that ringing a bell?

I.....see.....everything.~ C'thun

No, I didn't know that; my WoW experience is rather limited - maybe five years old and I remained at ridiculously low levels. :) Thanks for telling me!

OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: SEQUEL PLEASE

YOu can't bubble-hearth anymore.... hearthstone takes 10 seconds to cast. Divine shield lasts 8.

And I would hardly call it silly or "Cowardly"--- if your pally's overwhelmed by a mob, you'd be stupid not to do it. Cowardly is attacking a lone paladin en masse.

The Curse of Flesh had seen to that, and as Celestia herself succumbed to the weaknesses of the curse,

So you're implying the ponies were once rock statues? Ecch. Leave that sort of thing to the dwarves and gnomes, I say. It takes a diseased mind to regard being a living, flesh and blood creature as a "curse."

Mind controlled the Blood Elf right out the building via window...classic!:rainbowlaugh:

And kudos for Pinkie Pie for pulling the ol Joker gag "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would you?":fluttershysad:

"I've covered in plate barding!" Rainbow Dash replied, pinning the kitty-Fluttershy to the ground. Her wings flapped excitedly. "What can she possibly do? Bite me? Ha!"




okay. Celestia was carrying the idiot ball throughout this.

Sister is fighting a war and is begging for help? ....catch the slow boat and get there too late.

Traumatized sister is wallowing in darkness and solitude, mourning her dead friends?....leave her in isolation, and erase her friends from history.

Loyal student uncovers centuries-old truth behind legend of Mare in the Moon, shortly before your plan comes to fruition? ....don't bother archiving it for the few years left-- just send a brute squad to burn all her work while she watches and destroy her career.

All of the above past sins on your slate? ...who cares, use, deceive and manipulate your current loyal student too.

Celestia was so busy covering her screw-ups with lies, I'm amazed the Element of Honesty didn't spontaneously cram itself down her throat and kill her.


Celestia did make a lot of mistakes in this fic, to be sure. She didn't think it was necessary to intervene in the War of the Shifting Sands and she waffled on risking ponies lives to fight in far off Uldum when they had the Sunwall protecting them. She didn't understand that her sister wasn't just lost in grief over the deaths of her Night Guard, she was being actively corrupted by C'thun and Deathwing. She came down hard on Night Sky when she posed a risk to her plan to save Luna and she manipulated her student to boot to be in the "right place, at the right time, with the right friends." All true. But then she's carrying the same idiot ball that the dragon aspects were kicking around when it comes to actually confronting the kind of cosmic evils that are a genuine threat in Warcraft.

She's definitely not as benevolent in this fic as she is in, say, TBNE or TPC. But the World of Warcraft is also a much nastier place, so it's sort of bred a more ruthless Celestia to compensate and keep Equestria safe. Even with all that, I still think she's basically better than any other leader in this verse by a long mile.

A few other asides:
- I only remembered later that bubble-hearth is no longer viable. But the tactic is classic WoW. It had to make it into the fic in some way.
- This was my first MLP fic, and I never did use a proofer for it. I still find little errors in it. Much to my annoyance.
- Ponies were once stone before the curse of flesh. This is just kind of a necessary consequence of giving them a Titan Background.
- Lars, of course this is WoW the MMO. Were the mane six the first to do this instance? Why ask? A hundred groups do it every day! In the magic of MMOs they all did it. Somehow.
- Finally, the Alliance vs Horde thing. Alliance was easier to fit into the story. I really never thought it mattered much. The entire story takes place in the neighborhood of Equestria and Everfree. Besides, more "pretty races" in the Horde? The Blood Elves will just get jealous.

As a long time WoW player, I found this story to be just fantastic. I really loved how you mixed WoW lore in with FiM lore and expanded upon the story of Luna's fall.

Btw, last I heard, bubble-hearthing is coming back in MoP with a minor glyph. :rainbowdetermined2:

And who BUT a Thunderbrew would randomly decide to teach a pony how to be a protection warrior? AJ is basically very lucky to have met a clan known for insane drunken decisions-- and the willingness to act on them. :ajbemused:

Fun story with a lot of potential.
Does have some notable demerits, though...
First thing, off the cuff: You over-dwell on the gameplay mechanics. I would put less focus on painstakingly describing the nuts and bolts of WoW gameplay and focus more on the storytelling-- especially in the combat sections; that REEEALLLY made them DRAG. Exercise a little artistic license there! (also: lose the abbreviations. WoW noobs aren't the only ones annoyed by it.)

Second, you seemed inclined to bounce back and forth between serious (most of the story-- rather bleak and grimdark even) and light parody (the opening riff with Deathwing and Luna, the bit with the Lich King and Derpy Hooves.) More of the latter, less of the former.

You went a little excessive with your efforts to make MLP fit into WoW. As I noted before, a lot of OOC behavior, especially by the Princesses, just to make it all "fit." To this I say:
Half the appeal of mashups like this is how they DON'T fit together. coming up with an over-complex backstory to make Celestia and Luna fit into the WoW mythology only ended up diminishing MLP and taking away a lot of its charm. When in doubt, leave it vague, and be willing to be a little silly.

Third, I think you missed an opportunity with Twilight Sparkle. Her typical role as "only sane woman" as well as "Wow noob" had a lot of potential for comedy, but it was largely missed. For example, the "learning method" for WoW spellcasters should have driven her BONKERS right from the start. Can you imagine how outraged she should have been to discover--- after spending literal YEARS studying in the School for Gifted Unicorns--- that WoW spellcasters just walk up to their teacher, go "hey I'm ready to learn some new stuff," the teacher goes "pull my finger" and they DOWNLOAD IT right into their BRAINS? She shoulda had a FIT. (also, a little inconsistency there: you had Twilight go through the "instant download" but had Applejack go through weeks of training, and implied the others. I can see a training montage, but it should have been preceded by a "whoa, I know Kung Fu" moment...just to keep it consistent.) In general she should have been tearing her mane out half the time at how WoW magic worked... or how it didn't...

I think the big thing is that you opened up with the characters getting ready to explore a whole new world--- and then halfway you got bogged down with getting them through one solitary quest. In their own back yard, no less. Once again, to the Everfree Forest.

I DO hope you plan on a sequel, because you seem to have completely dropped several plot threads halfway through.... The Cutie Mark Crusaders guild (hey, kids, start charging 1g a cuddle, you'll be rolling in money before you know it), the rivalry between Twilight and Trixie (Trixie, a warlock? Really? also, she TOTALLY has to be putting on a show at the Darkmoon Fair....ahem. Sorry. Geek moment.) But truly.... much potential left here. Just don't drag out the nuts and bolts combat so much, focus more on the story, and be willing to 'whiff' on backstory where it gets too ponderous.

This was me the entire time I read this.
Too much awesomeness made me deaf and blind.

But thanks for giving me great hair!

Very, very entertaining. And well-woven. :twilightsmile:

>Ponies as new race in WoW
>They're alliance

Wtf, This crossover shouldn't work, but it does.

Someone broke the universe....

Loved this. Hope you decide to do some of those side stories.

390870 Damn bro I wanted to make a world of ponycraft story but I don't wanna take your idea would u be mad if I wrote a world of ponycraft story mines different then yours prob doing it with ashbringer lore pvp and then killing bosses etc

"I was just sending some stuff to my alt!"

Although I know nothing of Warcraft other than I've learned from this fic so far, I am thoroughly enjoying your writing as always, Cap'n.

Not a brony, my daughter is, but I play WoW and I love this story so far, thank you for writing it!
Now, on to the next chapter :)

Worgen or pony? Damn, tough decison.:trixieshiftleft:

:twilightoops:Twilight- Arcane Mage
:rainbowdetermined2:Dash- Paladin
:yay:Fluttershy- Restoration Druid
What are the rest?:duck::applejackunsure::pinkiesmile:

Okay so:
:pinkiehappy:Pinkie- shaman
:yay:- Restoration Druid
:rainbowdetermined2:Dash- retribution paladin
:twilightoops:Twilight- arcane Mage
Fill in the blanks and correct anything wrong please.


A bit more complicated, since (most of them) dual spec.
:yay: Resto Druid and :flutterrage: Feral Druid
:pinkiehappy: Elemental and Enhancement (Pinkie never struck me as much of a riptide healbot)
:rainbowwild: LOLRet Pally and, if need be, :rainbowkiss: Prot Pally
:twilightsheepish: Arcane Mage (she's not ready for a second spec yet)
:raritydespair: Shadow Priest and :raritywink: Discipline Priest Heals
:ajbemused: Prot Warrior and :applejackconfused: there are other viable warriors? Last I played, arms and fury were kind of a joke. Besides, Big Mac is clearly the FURY warrior in the family.
:trixieshiftright: Warlock. Totally not power mad either.
:trollestia: Canterlot Raid Boss

This was the first ponyfic I wrote. I gotta say, it is fun revisiting it from time to time!

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