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I love to write fics and dem ponies so there you have it.I started out writing three years ago on fanfiction.net. My page there is right here.http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1947992/AutoKnight01


"Actually, scratch that. I think I'm going to keep that promise after all."

All Takato wanted to do was see his friend again. So badly in fact that when the portal to the Digital World opened up again, he went through it alone. But the Digital World is not at all where he ended up. Instead he finds himself in a whole other world filled up with these colorful talking horses who have never even heard the term "Digimon" before in their lives. And if that wasn't strange enough, his Digivice is telling him that Guilmon is there too.

But his troubles don't end there. According to the ruler of these creatures, there has been a dark threat looming over them for quite some time and they now are in need of help. Eager to help and reunited with his old friend, Takato is determined to not leave until the threat is dealt with.

Twilight Sparkle, along with the rest of her posse are about to get a new definition to the word "Friendship".

(Takes place after "Such Sweet Sorrow" but before "Runaway Locomon")

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 89 )

I find myself interested. Do continue please.

*in my Guilmon voice* where’s Takatomon? *sniff sniff* hey! I smell bread!

I’m trackin’ dis. :twistnerd:

LOVE IT! LOVE THE SOURCES, LOVE THE CONCEPT, AND ESPECIALLY LOVE THE CARE YOU PUT IN! Iffn you need help with any advice on this just shoot a reply :moustache::pinkiehappy:

Cue Season 3 theme song of Digimon!

I caught a couple things.

I only own the plot of this story and nothing more. MLPis owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust while Digimonis owned by Bandai. Enjoy!

MLP is and Digimon is.

The two of them were deadest on growing their skills with the card game so they could demolish the next tournament.

do you mean dead set?

I am already in love. Although it's been years I can read the lines in each character's voice. This is going to be a wonderful journey I can feel it.

I like it. Wonder how this will turn out.

I just remembered this is the season I never got to see the end of cause mom and dad had to cut the cable. Was costing us too much. That’s it then! *buys the dvd set*

I love it!! Tamers had a darker edge that Adventures didn't, especially with the whole killing an absorbing digimon's data thing. Wonder how Twilight and the others will react to that bit if Takato tells them. And wonder how and when Guilmon will appear, I can't stop and picture him meeting Fluttershy and scaring the crap out of her.

Also on a side note I love Gallantmon's/Dukemon's debut especially with the Japanese theme One Vision.

looking forawd to the next chapter and nice work.:twilightsmile:

Wait... is the Everfree Forest to the south of the Castle of Friendship?

Yes it is. The official map of equestria is on equestria daily if you want to check.

I fear for Guilmon...:twilightoops:

I fear for the Timberwolves. One Pyro Sphere will burn them to ash.

Still, Manticores and Cockatrices and... oh yeah, Poison Joke! Also, Joke interferes with a Pyro Sphere, and those Timberwolves will be eating Digimon for lunch!

good point and Guilmon would play in those flowers.

I love this story! :yay: The idea that the first two seasons of Digimon were a show in the Tamers world is absolutely brilliant! (It may not be what you used, but that's how I explain it.)

So far it's very promising! I'll keep reading.

Will the rest of the tamers show up?

“You go ahead and eat yourself

:rainbowlaugh: I’m sorry but my brain immediately flew to Twi telling Starlight that she should go cannibal on herself. :facehoof: me!

Hmm good thing Takato omitted some of the darker details of his adventures but now I can't help but wonderful what will happen once Twilight and the others learn about the whole story: the digimon killing and absorbing their data to grow stronger and Beelzemon murdering Leomon for more power.

I also look forward to their reactions when Takato and Guilmon become Dukemon once more.

best guess to what's happening here: the barriers between worlds: Earth/Digital World and Equestria(/EGEarth as well, possibly) are beginning to weaken, causing those worlds to start 'bleeding' together, and the inhabitants are going to start to inadvertently cross between the barriers. why is currently unknown.

Oh so the other Tamers digimon are there as well, hmmm interesting. Still hoping Guilmon has an encounter with Fluttershy but I doubt that's the route you taking. Wonder how Takato will react to Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

Yes fear is heart shaped bubbles of sleepy happiness!

I’m eagerly looking forward to the awkwardness of all of Takatomon’s friends crashing through the portal into Equestria all at once. :pinkiecrazy:

“Have any bread?”

Probably the last question Fluttershy would expect from a creature with sharp teeth.


:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile: nice work and looking forward to the next chapter.

Yep just like I pictured it, well okay I pictured Fluttershy being scared and Guilmon asking her for bread. Same for Takato meeting Pinkie, which is just how most meet her, she appears out of nowhere and scares the crap out of people. I can't wait for the reunion now and I'm hoping that when Dukemon makes his debut in Equestria it will be epic. Also have Pinkie pull out a boom box and have her play all the Japanese evolution theme songs like Brave Heart, Break Up, Believer, Last Element until she gets to One Vision. I can honestly see that happening.

Five bits says fluttershy is gonna faint next chapter.

I live for how fast you update, also can't wait to see if guilmon and takato biomerge eventually, he'd definitely be 20 percent cooler to dash by then

There's a DVD set?

A few thoughts I had reading the previous chapter: "How long have the digimon been in equestria? Were they sent there instead of the digital world?"


Next chapter. Questions of many kinds will be answered. XD

Can they biomerge (yet)?

this is after the entirety of the series but knowing Digimon it probably need some sort of trigger they probably can't do it on demand

“Of course I did. How could I set out to get him without bringing what he thinks is the best thing ever?” The gogglehead said with a laugh before the smile fell. “Wait a minute. You went through my backpack?”

That right there is pure Takato XD

And everyone is just chewing into Takato about running off on his own XD Poor Guy. And I beat it's gonna happen all over again once the other humans show up. Of course, now we have to worry about what threats are gonna show up in Equestria regarding the digimon.

Awww I wish you added an OST clip for the reunion that would fit it, my mind keeps on playing Naruto OST Sadness and Sorrow.

I wonder how everyone else will react to the Digimon, especially the princesses though I can see Luna probably bonding with Impmon over the damage they've done in the past when they let the darkness within them take over.

I also hope that Fluttershy gets over her fear of Guilmon and Monodramon soon and that the other Tamers reunite with their Digimon.

Also when is Dukemon going to make his debut?

Oh my glob this is gonna get good also I'd bet good moolah on impmon getting into arguments with either applejack or rainbowdash


I'm dead! The nostalgia has killed me!

You're a tad late there, Celestia XD Gotta speak up sooner if you want secrets to be kept.

Henry making up with his father was a good moment though. Didn't shy away from the fact that both were hurt by it, or try to cover the fact that while it was a hard call, it wasn't exactly the wrong call either.

nice work looking forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile::yay:

Who bets Impmon will Bada Boom Twilight for invading his personal space.

Well Fluttershy is going to have a heart attack if she ever sees Guilmon evolve into Growlmon or if Monodramon turns into Cyberdramon again. Of course she might feel differently when she sees Dukemon. The whole the knight might win her over along with Rarity. Damn that is going to awkward now that I think about it.

Also all Twilight needs if Celestia is miffed at her is to introduced her to Calumon. Down side is if Luna sees him she want him for herself and rekindle the war between the two sisters. This time it will be for the cute little cream puff known as Calumon.

Damn now I want a fan art of Calumon and Flurry Heart cuddling together as they nap or eat a cream puff.

Will Rika be beating anyone up in this story?

I hope Leomon returns, in a DigiEgg. I mean Guilmon hatch from one.

Me to. I like Leomon, he's a cool looking digimon.

If she likes Dukemon/Gallantmon wonder what she'd think of Crimson Mode?

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