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If the universe is so big, then why won't it fight me?


The events take place after the Main 6 defeated Discord, while the other side, Ash has just finished his adventures in Alola. The two worlds intertwine, making the Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu cross paths with Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

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Ash look evil in the cover pic

a nice detail would be a few human falling through the clouds screaming to the heavens... only to be rescued by some pegasi

I wonder if all of Ash's human companions will make an appearance

Why did you make Ash look evil in the cover art?

Oh boy wait till Fluttershy sees Pokeballs

Contrary to popular belief, Fluttershy is not a naive pony that scream in rage or something similar when spotting a cage with or without an animal inside..
But she may freak out a little.

Since I aint great at drawing the human eyes for Pokemon, I used my own style.

Nice start. A few errors here and there plus the pacing is a bit too rapid. I'll track this for now since this story got potential.

When in the Pokemon canon? Post Alola?

Yes, this takes place 1 day after Ash finished his Alola adventures and returned home. And for the MLP side, it takes place after Discord was defeated in the first 2 episodes of season 2.

Then let your imagination think of what her reaction to Pokemon battles may be.


this is an official page from an IDW comic... so Fluttershy would be the less likely to be phased by this

It's summer it's not even close October

Oh this takes place after the first 2 episodes of Season 2. So its techinically october for them.

Quick question. What do you guys wanna see in this crossover? Cause there's a lot to be used here.

When I read the chapter title, I was secretly hoping for Ash-Greninja

Just you wait. All of Ash's Pokemon will be seen with the ponies.

Hmm... Its better if the readers don't know when some trouble may arrive... If you tell everything that is gonna happen, the readers will be expecting it and don't get as much enjoyment.

Oh okay i get you. Although how do i make sure they don't know since i've already said its closing in?

Oh.. yeah. I forgot.

Just say that you rewrote some parts to make it better

So Keldeo when?

The colt and the other swords of justice are just right around the corner.

*siting at home in the everfree looking up*
(Literally in a world whare tons of stories are in twine)
pokemon? This world is getting more stranger by the day

oh... I forgot to mention... there is a pokemon tag that you can put on the story to make it easier to be found by people that uses tag search

I wonder will u show Pikachu’s Static ability sometime

Of course. As long as somepony or Pokemon gets physical with him.

oooo darkrai is around?

And I thought we have to wait for the crown Tundra. To get Dynamax legendaries and mythicals.

Lol. Thats one of the perks of being the dark type. You never play fair and you can do whatever you want. Guess thats why its called evil type in Japan

"Uhh.. I guess being with my friend Lyra forever? I'm not sure yet."

hahahaha nice