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This is a group created to house all Pokemon crossovers that exist out there! If you find any that are not here, don't hesitate to add them!
Keep cool and pony on,

Please post in no more than two folders Rule revoked. Instead, please make sure to put stories into the proper folders. - Glitch Hunter 5000

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Yes it is a great back from what I have seen with brand new story and region.

Comment posted by Greninken deleted October 7th

I'm eagerly waiting for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but I'm getting bored and have played pretty much every generation's main-series games (from Red to Ultra Moon). I heard about this FireRed hack called Pokemon Gaia, and I want to try downloading it onto my laptop, but I'm apprehensive. Should I try it?

hello, Ponymon masters. I am the king of all Pokémon.

Anyone excited for Pokémon Sword and Shield?

I chose squirtle and eevee

hi guys my name is yuu and like the fictions of my little pony with pokemon and i start to write of pokemon Sun Moon.

I think some should do a story where Ash gets sent to equestria he and Rtainbow Dash falls in love because he can go together with Twilight Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy but what bout Rainbow Dash Ash together they r both up for a challenge. u guys get what im saying.

Okay, I just published a new Pokémon fic, and I'm not sure how to add it to the group. Even if I do, i'm not sure where to put it. Any advice?

402316 So. Late. Answering. Yeesh...

Sorry, I took care of this and never replied. You should be able to delete your story by using the trash bin icon on the story, but not for anyone else's story. If you accidentally misplace a story, please report it to an admin. Thank you for your time!

Comment posted by CarbonBasedLifeForm deleted Oct 31st, 2015

I accidentally added my story Legends Unbound into the One-shot folder, how can I remove it? Is it the Delete Story button on the One-shot page?

1000 members !!!!

392575 I.K, it's just I clicked onto the next chapter of a story I was reading and BAM, a big red '58' on the feed button XD

392547 The spam isn't actually intentional. I'm just trying to move stories from the "Main" folder to other folders. The "Main" folder is set for deletion, so please bear with me.


Hi, I'm new, and I love the Pokemon Snivy! :pinkiehappy:

Made a few edits to the Folders. Hope this covers everything! If there's something that you wish to be added, feel free to comment!

  • Viewing 86 - 105 of 105
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