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The Kelduo

I'm your friendly neighborhood hero who adventures alongside his Pokemon partner Keldeo. Alone, we are strong. But together, we are the Kelduo!

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  • 10 weeks
    A Soul for a Soul

    Okay, I really got Pokemon Scarlet today. But with that victory came a loss...

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  • 10 weeks
    Here I Come, Paldea Region!

    Me (and potentially some random strangers) on my way into the video game store to get Pokemon Scarlet:

    Also, is anyone choosing to get Violet instead? I plan on completing the Pokedex, and I'd like someone to trade with...

    And also to battle alongside in case AI Trainers are idiots in Tera Raids like in Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battles.:facehoof:

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  • 19 weeks
    Need Some Ideas

    In case you guys didn't know, I finally posted the latest chapter of A New Generation in the Forgotten Land! However, that poses a problem, because the next chapter introduces an Ability that Kirby hasn't obtained before discovering the New World. That may not seem all that bad, but because it's new to Kirby (and to those who haven't played Forgotten Land), I want to introduce it in a stylish way. And what better way than...

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  • 34 weeks
    *Visible Confusion*

    Yesterday I was on Fimfiction, minding my own business and brainstorming things to add to my story, but I noticed something weird...

    When I visited my profile page, I saw that my comments on my profile had been disliked. I was a bit confused. It was probably someone begging for attention. If that was the case, then congrats. But if they were trying to upset me...

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  • 44 weeks
    Time to Edit...

    So, I just recently saw this on YouTube...

    It seems to take place at the Point Of Arrival, so that makes a big difference between the demo and the full game. And you know what that means?

    I need to edit the chapter featuring that level so that it'll fit the full game. So if you notice the chapter get changed sometime after the time of this blog post, that's why.

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A Soul for a Soul · 8:20pm Nov 19th, 2022

Okay, I really got Pokemon Scarlet today. But with that victory came a loss...

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Alright, thanks!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I just wanting to know since I've been considering writing a story that's a cross-over between MLP and something you are not familiar with, and I wanted to know if you would read it if I ever do write and post it~:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Sure, I'd give it a read. I may not particularly be a fan of the other fandom, but I'll check out the story anyway.

Hey, Kelduo, if I wrote a fanfiction on here that's a cross-over between My Little Pony and some fandom you are not familiar with, would you be willing to read it? I know this is kind of out of nowhere, but I'm just curious to how you would respond.

Thanks! Considering your blog post about Izzy Moonbow, I'm sure you're a huge Izzy fan, so I can see why you'd want to read my story. (Just a warning, though: the new mechanic in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is very weird, so you might not want to read the story if you don't want to see Kirby, err... bite off more than he can chew.)

And if I'm gonna be honest, I haven't seen the G5 movie because I don't want to give out credit card info just to watch Netflix, so if you have seen A New Generation, I hope you wouldn't mind lending a hand when it comes to getting Izzy's character down.

I appreciate it!
I haven't read your latest story with Kirby and Izzy yet, but I'll give it a look later. It's 3AM and I need sleep. :derpytongue2:

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