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I'm your friendly neighborhood hero who adventures alongside his Pokemon partner Keldeo. Alone, we are strong. But together, we are the Kelduo!


This story is a sequel to Kirby Star Allies: Friend Hearts are Magic

The Star Allies have conquered the evil that Hyness had been so desperate to bring about! The only thing between them and home: a crumbling battlefield. After waking up on a faraway planet, they must find a way back home. Until then, they will have to make themselves comfortable in the world of Equestria.

The point of view will change between chapters, so don't be thrown off by a transition from, say, a human being scared away by something, to a round thing being saved from a pointy object. I'll use author's notes to say whose point of view it is and will be.

The Super Smash Bros tag was used because I can't have five series tags, and because it's the closest I can get to covering all series.

WARNING: Do NOT read if you haven't yet read the prequel, Kirby Star Allies: Friend Hearts are Magic, for it will be spoiled!

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