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A French brony who loves to read and write. My English is not perfect, but I will do my best!

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  • 2 weeks
    Meg's Monster

    Remember this blog? I saw that the game, Meg's Monster, finally came out about two weeks ago, and I played and just finished it.

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  • 3 weeks
    Ability Upgrades Ideas

    So, I have been trying to come up with original upgrades of Kirby's various Abilities, both the ones appearing in Forgotten Land and the ones that don't, and while some have pretty obvious possibilities (the weapon-type Abilities have almost an infinity of them), others are less (like the elemental-type Abilities such as Water or Spark).

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  • 6 weeks
    A YouTube Ad

    Today, I got a YouTube Ad.

    It was a bit over three minutes long, and I could pass it after five seconds.

    All this ad had was an animated pixel art of a little blond girl looking at the sky as the sun set, a song with lyrics not even in English, and the title Meg's Monster Main Theme - Wishing Star (feat. Laura Shigihara).

    For the first time in my life, I didn't pass or mute the ad, and I even re-watched it from the start once it was over.

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  • 7 weeks
    UME: Change of Title

    I'm thinking of modifying the title of my story, Ultimate Multiverse Explorers. I always felt that the title was missing something. And then, I found a certain album of Smash Bros OST fan remixes while exploring You Tube and it clicked.

    So, once I'm done with the current Forgotten Land arc, I will change the title. And it will be:

    Harmony of Heroes:

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  • 16 weeks
    Sonic Frontiers DLC

    Good news for the Sonic Frontiers fans! I just saw an article that says that no less than 3 DLC for the game are planned for 2023. And the best part: they will be free!

    The first DLC will add the possibility to listen to the game's themes and to take photos, and will also add new modes with challenges. Not sure of what the challenges will be, but I'm hoping for a boss rush.

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Original Bosses Pause Descriptions. · 6:38pm Nov 14th, 2019

Here are all the pause description I have imagined for the original bosses of my story A Sweetie Dreamland. I know people love those. And I love those too. Of course, there are some of the bosses that don't have images to accompany their descriptions. Maybe one day. I'm not really good at drawing, and I only have Paint to work with.

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Meg's Monster · 6:20pm March 16th

Remember this blog? I saw that the game, Meg's Monster, finally came out about two weeks ago, and I played and just finished it.

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There can be several reasons why it wasn't accepted. Too many errors. Or the chapter you sent didn't have any pony-related stuff (if this is a crossover or a story happening on some human world that isn't the one from Equestrian Girls). Or the format. You can give a look to the FAQ, I remember that there is a section detailing what a story must respect to be accepted.

Ok it’s been two days and my first story hasn’t been approved. Something must be wrong with it, can look over it.

Which I perfectly understand. It happens.

Ok….. I stopped working on it last year and got back to it this year. I guess you say I was having writer’s block, but I got lazy on it.

Sorry, but I'm not good at giving reviews.

  • Viewing 944 - 948 of 948
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