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This story is a sequel to Apple Bloom's Mansion 3.5: Luigi's Mansion

Thanatos, the Spirit of Death. He caused many pains to Apple Bloom. He only sees her as a toy to play with from the security of his castle.
It's time to put a stop to his games!
After many months of preparations, of training, and of researches, Apple Bloom and her friends are finally ready to storm Thanatos' castle and capture him once and for all. But the Spirit of Death will not let the team of ghost hunters reach him that easily...
Apple Bloom's most grueling and horrifying adventure begins.

Minor sex tag for one room for an implied tentative of rape (yes, it will be that bad, and let's not get started on the gore tag).

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The adventure's off to a great start. Keep up the good work!

Also, you should remove the sex tag because it's only for one room.

AWESOME CHAPTER!!! Hey, after this fic is done, will you finish your 'A Sweetie Dreamland' fic?

I will finish it when I will be able to.

:rainbowhuh: Clothing golems? Whose idea was it to include clothing golems in the story?

Mine. :rainbowlaugh: Like said in the chapter, ghosts can have weird ideas.

Your creativity makes me jealous. Even I wouldn't have thought of such an original idea.:twilightsheepish:

It just came like that. I was just writing the chapter when suddenly, I was thinking:
Laundry=>lot of clothes=>clothe golems!
I swear I'm not taking drugs!

You know, you could've just had each individual piece of clothing come to life and attack the ponies, so the ponies would be greatly outnumbered.

Hmm the adventure through Thanato's castle has begun and this is just the beginning. I can't wait to see more of this story.
The game is set! Now....STAY TUNED. Hehehehe...:pinkiecrazy:

Clothe golems. Oh! I bet Rarity will be horrified if her clothes formed into a golem. :raritydespair:

A coffin trying to eat you is very scary.

Cue the Coffin Dance! :rainbowwild:

There wouldn't be enough ghosts in the room to take possession of all of them, and none of them were powerful enough to possess them like Eternal Rest did to the objects back in the hotel. However, gathering the clothes into piles and taking possession of said piles? No problem.
Rarity will probably have nightmares of this for the following days. :rainbowlaugh:

You mean that Thanatos couldn't have brought the clothes to life himself?

He could, but he prefers to limit his influence, only sending his creations.


A coffin trying to eat you is very scary.

Cue the Coffin Dance!

Maybe it was a Cofagrigus, in which case a better choice of music would be the Pokemon remix of the Coffin Dance.:rainbowdetermined2:

So, what's Gusto's story?

Pretty much what is said in the story. Became a famous chef, developped a taste for meat, and especially for pony meat, got discovered, and killed himself. Easy to guess that he wasn't all there in the head.

How many chapter until we see one of the bosses that I suggested?

Not sure. Two to three chapters I think.

they also encountered a griffon who had been able to send feathers from her wings like arrows,

I instantly thought of this Pokemon.

«Oh no... Not the pony-eating cake! NOT THE PONY-EATING CAKE!» shouted Pinkie Pie.

That's a reference to the episode Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, right?

«By eating it?» answered Pinkie Pie.

She beat me to it. Although it wouldn't have mattered because of how much dough there was.:rainbowlaugh:

«D-d-d-did the cake just ate a ghost?!» shouted Twilight in horror.

A better question is, did the ghost possessing the cake just eat a ghost?:unsuresweetie:


That's a reference to the episode Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, right?


She beat me to it. Although it wouldn't have mattered because of how much dough there was.

Maybe Pinkie would have been able to.:pinkiehappy:

A better question is, did the ghost possessing the cake just eat a ghost?

Thankfully, ghosts can't eat other ghosts. We aren't in Bleach.


Maybe Pinkie would have been able to.

I meant it wouldn't have mattered for the ponies that were battling the dough monster.

When are going to finish sweetie dreamland. Kirby vs sweetie belle will an epic fight.

I have to wait for something else, a song, to be finished, and it's taking a lot of time because it's difficult. Trust me, I really want to write the fight, I'm excited each times I'm thinking about it, but I can't start it without the song.

I understand that since one of sweetie belle’s attack is singing.

I bet sweetie bell will use her power against Kirby.

Yep. She will totally use it.

Ah yes! Why not both?
I do like cofagrigus and other Pokemon. :pinkiesmile:

Is that so? Then you might know that, according to its Pokedex entry, Cofagrigus is rumored to eat people (like the coffin tried to do in this story) and turn them into mummies.:pinkiecrazy:

I believe the place is called a mess hall. A mess hall is like a large room with many tables for people to eat.
I assume Buon Gusto is from my idea of a pony eating meat. Because if it is, great job! I was enjoying the fights with him and the other kitchen creatures. :pinkiesmile:
Curses! Buon Gusto, you have Failed! :twilightangry2:

(Looks up Pokedex entry)
Huh. Well I would think that Cofagrigus would trap people and killing them would be scary. Or its just wrapping them up just to teach people about stealing in other places. Also they eat gold nuggets.

Actually, it was from an idea of Darth Wrex about a mad chef. Your pony eating meat will appear in the VIP wing and will be more nightmarish.


Also they eat gold nuggets.

This part of their Pokedex entry is actually hinted at in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon, because you trade Cofagrigus some gold bars in exchange for cash or items.

Since you've started this fic, there's been a chapter per day. Today, I want you to take a break, no chapters today. Okay? We don't want you to burn yourself out after all.

Thanks for your concern ^^. But don't worry, writing in not a work, it's a pleasure that I'm taking because I love partaging my stories. If I was fast enough, I would get out 10 chapters per day and I wouldn't even mind.

(Does a Mr.Burns impression)

To be more exact, he will be in the room I called Butchery. You can guess how messy it will be with this name.

No child deserves to die.

Some gifted ponies can use mind powers that have nothing to do with magic, and it's a form of ghost power. You know, putting things on fire with your mind, being able to see with the eyes closed, telepathy, that kind of stuff.

But would the ability to use ghost powers increase once someone becomes a ghost?

Like said back in chapter 7 of Apple Bloom's Mansion 3.5:

The power of a ghost was determined by many thing (when they weren't just gifted like Little Ghost). How strong they were physically and mentally (especially mentally) when they were alive, the powers they possessed (magic, mind powers, and so on) and how powerful those powers were when they were alive, time (the more time passed, the more a ghost could gain power. How much power was also determined by the other factors), training, skills, and a few others.

In clear, it's a good start, but after, how much more powerful they become depends of the other factors listed above. Anything that helps making the soul stronger (magic can be a part of the ghost powers, but it's not the same energy).

Would this mean that someone such as Ness from Earthbound would gain incredible ghost powers if he becomes a ghost?

He would be a really powerful ghost, yeah. Ghost powers are essentially that, PK powers, powers that come from the soul.

Then it's a good thing for Apple Bloom that Thanatos didn't kill Ness to use his ghost to battle her...

Well, Apple Bloom kinda cheated here. She used magic and technology to gain a lot of power in a few seconds. The problem is that she can't use them much because of her time limit, so she doesn't really master them yet. Or else, trust me, she could PK Starstorm the place (only for Thanatos to play tennis with the meteors because he wouldn't let Apple Bloom cheat her way out of his game :rainbowlaugh:).

Not that she would cheat her way through the castle. Members of the Apple family like to play fair, right? Besides, I think she even enjoys some parts of her adventure.

She especially enjoys capturing Thanatos' minions, because most of them are jerks. And since Thanatos willingly sends them to their doom, she gladly accepts. Each evil ghost captured is one less evil ghost roaming around being a danger.

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