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This story is a sequel to Apple Bloom's Mansion

Almost one year passed since this famous night where Apple Bloom had to face a whole manor full of ghosts to save her sister and her friends. Now a professional ghost hunter, helped by her mentor professor Smart Spirit, she regularly hunts bad ghosts all over Equestria.

But one day, she learns from Diamond Cup, who went with Smart Spirit to do some research in a mysterious haunted valley: the Evershade Valley, that the ghosts of the valley, usually pacific, have suddenly turned hostile and captured the prof!

It's now up to Apple Bloom to find the origin of this hostility and to save Smart Spirit, and the valley, but she has no idea who she's up against this time.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 92 )

the ghosts of the valley, usually pacific,

I never thought I'd find a mistake in the description of one of your stories.:rainbowlaugh: It's pacifist.

:rainbowhuh: But Google translate said that it worked.

Yay the sequel, but wait, please tell me you aren’t leaving a cliffhanger?!

(In a sweetie dreamland)

No, don't worry. I will continue A Sweetie Dreamland in parallel to this one. It will just get slower. I want to take my time with the final arc.

So the sequel will be in a separate story?

The sequel to A Sweetie Dreamland? Yep. It will be a different story. A Sweetie Dreamland is a crossover with Kirby, while the sequel will be a crossover with Super Smash Bros with some other universes.

K, also what will happen to scoots?

For my other, futur story?
For this one, I will answer in PM to not spoile everyone else.

The long awaited sequel has arrived! I am looking forward to this!
When you say "a crossover with Super Smash Bros. with some other universes", does that mean you'll be including characters that aren't in Smash Bros?

It's during the night that ghosts tend to be more actif.

It's active.

The second was the ghost of a beautiful purple mare with a blue mane in a beehive style and wearing an elegant dress looking at the filly with interest while petting a three tailed ghost cat.

:twilightoops:Oh no... It's Equestria's version of Hellen Gravelly and Polterkitty!

It is nice to swatch her catching ghosts,

You accidentally put an s in watch.

They are all pacific, albeit very mischievous."

Again, it's pacifist.

At their sides were strange green ghosts a little smaller than adult ponies and faintly looking like one without mane.

Ah, the Greenies, the most famous of the Luigi's Mansion 2 regular ghosts.

He then turned to five strange purple ghosts beside him.

Those ghosts must be playing the roles of the Possessor Ghosts!

In this game, you are the final boss.

So long, fourth wall!:rainbowlaugh:

when suddenly Diamond Cup stormed in the house looking like he saw a ghost,

Oh, the irony!

making sure that the flashlight now integrated worked.

What about the Strobulb?

One continued forward between the dead three toward a manor,

Between the dead trees.

*checks dictionary* Oh, I never knew that pacific is the adjective form of pacifist! I only thought it was the name of one of Earth's oceans. Thanks for telling me.

Yep, but I won't say which ones.

All errors corrected, and you're welcome for 'pacific'.

Ah, the Greenies, the most famous of the Luigi's Mansion 2 regular ghosts.

And Apple Bloom will rapidly learn to love and hate those guys. :rainbowlaugh:

So long, fourth wall!

For Thanatos, all of this is just a game to entertain himself. :rainbowlaugh:

What about the Strobulb?

In the first story, the flashlight was never used to stun ghosts. The Poltergust can directly catch them in its vortex. So something like the Strobulb isn't needed in the characters' POV. The flashlight will only serve to light the dark.


In the first story, the flashlight was never used to stun ghosts. The Poltergust can directly catch them in its vortex. So something like the Strobulb isn't needed in the characters' POV. The flashlight will only serve to light the dark.

Okay. I'm still used to the games, which utilize the flashlight to stun ghosts.

Understandable. I've sometimes the same problem when I read crossovers. So I warn here, there will be some differences between this story and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. For instance, here, Thanatos uses his powers to take control of all the ghosts in the valley. No broken Dark Moon (it doesn't even exist here). Smart Spirit is the one who must be saved. And as you said, the Possessor Ghosts are replaced by those purple ghosts (the Shadows). Smart Spirit also never entered the Treacherous Mansion, so no portal to go from one room to another, and no Pixelator to transport Apple Bloom from the lab to the manors. The ponies will have to use the prof's caravan to go from one place to another (or use Twilight's teleportation).

I haven't watched a full walkthrough of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (only watched an All Bosses No Damage Gold Medal video), so I had no idea that portals were used to go from room to room. That's pretty cool.

Yep. They're used in the last manor for some good puzzles similar to the one in Luigi's Mansion 3 with the TVs.

Hey what about the crystals that strengthen the ghosts?

I'm still not sure if I will use them. Thanatos isn't building a powerful army to invade the world (he already has millions of ghosts working for him in the spiritual world), just playing a deadly game with Apple Bloom for his entertainment.

By the way I think I thought of a way the hybrid ghost idea could work you see he isn't as powerful as the ghosts in the valley but his mortal half protects him from the mind control but he only gives apple bloom information that can help her (also what about the potler pup) but you still probably don't want to do that.

I will, maybe, use the hybrid ghost idea for the ultimate episode of the saga, but not in the way you said. And no, the ultimate episode won't be Apple Bloom's Mansion 3, there will be another, last story after this one.

Are you going to do a crossover story starring Scootaloo and/or all three Cutie Mark Crusaders at once?

I don't know yet. In the sequel to A Sweetie Dreamland, Sweetie Belle may briefly visit the universes of my other stories, but an actual story staring the three crusaders of my three stories together? I don't know.

I noticed you skipped the Sticky Situation Mission. Great story so far, by the way!

Two gren ghosts were here, one of them sitting in the carriage and looking at the other who was pulling at one of the wheels. Eventually, the second ghost was able to tear off the wheel from its place and showed it to the other. The first ghost then took it and threw it at a pire of objects on a table, knocking down the whole thing the same way that foals knock down piles of bottles in fairs to gain prices. While the ghost throw the wheel, the other started pulling on another, only to spot Apple Bloom. The ghost then tapped the carriage to gain the attention of the other and pointed at the filly who readied her Poltergust.

You forgot an 'e' in green, replace the 'r' with an 'l', and replace the 'c' with a 'z' in prices.
Other than those small errors, this was a great chapter. Looking forward to reading more!

Thank you, corrected.
Yeah, some missions will be skipped. Like, here, I skipped the mission to recuperate the Poltergast and Strobulb, the one to recuperate the Dark-Light Device, and the one with the webs. In other manors, the 'save the toad' missions will be skipped too.

But then, she saw that they were walking on a carpet, and with the help of the Ectoblast, she pulled it.

I know you meant to say Poltergust, but I'm curious. For some reason, the name Ectoblast gets my attention, but I don't know why.

"Uh... Twilight? Ah've nothing to keep it."

Couldn't she store it in her Poltergust?

But the stallion wasn't moving. Actually... he wasn't even breathing...

He turned to the ghost of a certain stallion at his left. "What did you think, Smart Spirit?

What... The... HAY!!! :flutterrage: If I had the chance to, I would kill Thanatos right where he stood...


I know you meant to say Poltergust, but I'm curious. For some reason, the name Ectoblast gets my attention, but I don't know why.

Oops. :twilightsheepish: Ectoblast is the French name of the Poltergust. A little relapse, corrected.

Couldn't she store it in her Poltergust?

Not enough place. Those were some big gears.

What... The... HAY!!! If I had the chance to, I would kill Thanatos right where he stood...

Thanatos: "Ahahahah! You can't kill what is already dead."
More seriously, yeah. This is Thanatos. No care at all for the livings. If it is for his entertainment, he's ready to play with them like dolls until they break and are good to throw. And right now, his little doll is Apple Bloom.
The main villain of this saga, everyone. Be ready. The death tag isn't here for nothing.


Thanatos: "Ahahahah! You can't kill what is already dead."

Then I'll settle for the next best thing: Bring him back to life. And then I can kill him! But if it's impossible to bring him back to life, then I'll give him a fate worse than death... I'll prank him and annoy him until he goes crazy!:pinkiecrazy: Marx was able to do it repeatedly to Dark Meta Knight in A Sweetie Dreamland, so why wouldn't it work on the embodiment of death?

Then he will just kill you and take control of your ghost.

*considers asking if Ultra Instinct-level dodging would help, but thinks twice* You've stumped me with that, but what if Kirby encountered Thanatos?

This is a hard question. Thanatos can kill anything with just one touch, and since he's a ghost, he's invincible to any physical attacks. But I'm sure that Kirby would be able to do something, like, suck him. Or maybe by using the Ghost Ability? I'm sure that Kirby, as a ghost, would be able to resist his control, but I'm not sure how he would be able to attack him. Thanatos remains powerful.

Kirby's killed Necrodeus, who is essentially the Pop Star universe's version of the embodiment of death. He's defeated a dark god twice and befriended it the third time. Star Dream itself has said that Kirby has nearly infinite power. And Kirby is the embodiment of all things positive, so he shouldn't easily be mind-controlled to be bad, even as a ghost. If you ask me, this information alone should be enough to make Thanatos at least raise an eyebrow.

True true. After, Necrodeus was more a lich-like being than a real ghost, and ghosts in the Kirby-verse seem to all be tangible, so it's hard to say if Kirby could attack a real, untangible ghost.

Where are the Dark Moon shards in all this?

They don't exist. Thanatos took control of the ghosts with just his own power, no need to break anything.

I can accept that.
Something I've been curious about: Does this story take place before or during Season-5?

Mmh... I haven't really decided, but I would say before season 5, or at the very least, at the beginning.

So next is the Old Clockworks. I remember there being a room where you were able to take the key that's in there without the ghost's noticing. I recall the ghost's having a reaction but I didn't get to see the full scene as I had already left the room. I bet it was hilarious.

Woah. I totally forgot about that. I hope I will be able to see this in a playthrough.

Here's the link to a video I found with that exact scene. It's not the whole scene but part of it.

Thanks. Can I have an idea of the time of the video in which the scene happens?

K so here is a time frame in which the scene happens. From when he enters the room to when he exits.
7:06 - 11:15

Thanatos and Pyrite have bucked up royally, AB will be taking them down hard soon enough.:ajbemused::pinkiecrazy::twilightangry2:

Ooooh wait until the next chapter...

Dang, I forgot how creepy that laugh was. For a while I thought the creepiest laugh belonged to Kefka from Final Fantasy 6.

Scootaloo captured them before more ghosts appeared, including an Orange using what was on the cast to attack her.

Just a quick thing to correct.

But will Applejack and Smart Spirit be revived?

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