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(The epic cover art was drawn by Mutter Butter! Thanks to them!


Eons ago, in the trades of Nekravol, the great Khan Maykr sold away large stocks of worlds and planets that were once under their jurisdiction to the Dark Lord of Hell. Amongst these worlds being the peaceful land of Equestria. The Dark Lord saw the powerful magic that inhabited this equine ruled land and decided that rather to invade immediately, it would be wiser to save it in an emergency where he was no longer in power.


Equestria, a land where almost nopony experiences grievances, pain or agony. Literal sunshine and rainbows. However with new revelations about this world, it's inhabitants may experience a drastic shift in their hopeful home.

Ever since a weird red substance was discovered by Applebloom, peculiar things have been occuring around Ponyville. Frightful creatures, odd diseases and strange events. All much more frequent than usual. Could this amount to something much more substantial for our equine friends?

Wall of Cool People That Made Mission Music

Strely (Mission 1. DOOM MUSIC)

GeoffPlaysGuitar (Mission 2. Outlander)

Nizro (Mission 3. Ruins of Jekkad)

Christer Wibert (Mission 3. Fear No Evil)

Repulsive (Heart Over the I Icarus)

Strely(again) (Mission 4. Ultimate Devastation)

Dead Wasteland (Mission T2. The Evil)

Christer Wibert (Mission 5. Datamancer)

Dead Wasteland (Mission T3. Sinister House)

Davester2296 (Mission 6. Extradimensional Beings)

Dead Wasteland (Mission T4. The Milky Way Galaxy)

Ios (Mission T4. i cant say goodbye)

(Supposed to happen between the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7 and after the end of The Ancient Gods 2, the last DLC of DOOM Eternal. If you are here for the action, Cordial Affairs and all the Mission chapters might be what you are looking for.)

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“Ain’t there tons of stuff that makes ya feel good, but actually hurts ya?” Applejack said.

Both Applebloom and Big Mac took a moment to ponder, Applebloom setting a hoof on her chin. “Not… Any that I can recall.” The filly answered, Big Mac giving a nod of agreement.

“What’cha mean? There’s dozens! Like… Like…” The examples slipped from her mind.

Okay, that's pretty interesting. Wonder what would happen if someone had that mind wipe in Pinkie's bakery.

I'm excited to see where it goes man!

Why do you want to keep this crossover a secret?

Because I think it's neat I guess. Just sprinkling in a bit of mystery. The ponies are about as out of the dark as the readers would be. I just thought it was a cool idea really.

wait, i am confused, what is this crossing over with?

That's the mystery. You've gotta keep a very keen eye out to find out but feel free to guess. There will be a point in the story where the crossover franchise is revealed and when it becomes blatantly obvious and kind of the main plot point, but for now it'll be a mystery.

Stick around, it may seem generic at first but it will get wild.)

Is this meant to be a hint?

Not specifically. Like, it will literally get wild, the involved franchise doesn't have anything directly related to the word wild. So no, its a very loose hint that probably won't get you anywhere.

Then why did you go out of your way to put emphasis on the "wild"?

Because it gets so wild that it needs to be emphasized. I'm not hiding anything with the italicized wild. It has nothing to do with the other franchise.


Nope. Great guess though.

Oh, it's Doom.
...Oh... it's Doom...

Why aren't the Princesses/Pillars, or even there non-pony royal allies be more involved???? I mean, this is a World-Ending Apocalypse Threat here! :fluttershbad: :twilightoops:

NOT even their own Solar System, Galaxy, and their entire Universe/Reality is safe.

The Doom Slayer himself really has to wake up eventually. And soon!!!

What's The Ancient Gods 2?

The ponies and everybody else are SO DEAD!!!!

On second thought, after the Demons are done with them. With the eternal torture of both physical/mental/emotional, corruption, and soul absorption for MORE torture on a spiritual level.

They WISH they are DEAD!!!

Sure, the Soul Cube from Doom 3 is here. But, they NEED HIM!


It's a two part DLC of Doom Eternal. You aren't a Doom fan?

The Ancient Gods 2 is the second DLC to DOOM Eternal and most recent addition to the canon lore. I should specify that its from DOOM.

I knew the princesses have some "history" with the Doom Slayer himself, and the Night Sentinels.

And now, Luna is gonna FREE him!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

The Slayer gave an affirmative nod, before halting as he spotted a particular series of windows on the other side of the hall. They all depicted different pictures of a powerful being. The several windows meant to chronicle a tall, multi-featured species displayed on that wall of the throne room. It was shaped like an asian dragon, however its body was covered in goat-like fluff and its limbs were from several mis-matched species. Like a stuffed animal repaired with a multitude of alternative toys. His angered stare expanded into a much more profound glare. The being was familiar to the Doom Slayer.

If I understand correctly, then you are hinting that Discord is actually Wretch? The one who created the Praetorian armor. I just don't know any other reason why he would be familiar with him.

( blasts a triage of rockets towards ) you're gonna want to change that triage into either triad or trio. triage is a medical emergency severity scale and is named based off the French word used for separate, sort, shift, or select.

I appreciate the correction. Triage has always just sounded like a cooler word for three. I fixed it.

What about Unmaykr?

The weapon is more of an easter egg/secret than a vital piece of lore in Eternal.
I never particularly liked the Unmaykr in DOOM Eternal. I do love the punny name but like, it's just so underpowered, you know? It'd be way better just to save BFG blasts. Once I got around to playing DOOM 64 where it was just an unmatched beast in both design and gameplay, I couldn't look at the new one the same. Even the way you get it in 64 is way more unique with the complex secrets. I don't really think it's worthy to be compared to the 64 Unmaker and I honestly never use it in gameplay.


Bit of a nemesis situation going on with Twilight and the Marauder, I see. Hope the Slayer doesn't kill this one, she deserves a second round.

“ The Wretch That Shall Not Be Named! ” He formed a mock, overly deep voice. “HA! Isn’t that so dreadfully ominous?” Discord laughed.

I knew it

I can respect your knowledge of the lore. Fantastic prediction.

The mare opened her mouth to retort, before realizing that yeah, Itlaknus the Demolisher was a pretty dope name. “Eh, that name's like, twenty precent cooler.” she admitted.

Why the firs thing i think was that fricking song?

You've exposed me to horrors no man should know.

I like Doom just fine. I've just never played the games. I had no idea the games now had a plot that went beyond "You find yourself in Hell, here's a big gun, now go and shoot stuff." Or am I wrong and the new games still have an excuse plot?

Doomguy gets sent to Mars for punching his commanding officer in the face for telling him to murder innocent civilians. Mars Base is ran by the satanic global corporation, the UAC. Demons invade the Mars base, murder everyone there but Doomguy, Doomguy murders every demon, Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind, goes back to earth. He discovers his pet bunny, Daisy dead as well as (presumably) his wife and son. He avenges Daisy in the fourth episode of the game.

Earth was invaded at the end of DOOM I. Doomguy fights hordes of demons on his home planet and evacuates a good amount of humans off-planet without him. As he's about to accept his death on Earth he gets a call from the ship that they found the source of the invasion. Doomguy goes and finds the mastermind of it all, the Icon of Sin and murders him with a fistful of rockets into his brains.

(Note: Doomguy now has extreme Hell PTSD (Actual clinical diagnosis in-universe) and is bonkers crazy now because of his experiences with the demons. His mental state can be well described with most of the DOOM 3: Absolution soundtrack.)

DOOM 3: The Absolution (DOOM 64 but with an objectively cooler name)
The base on Mars from DOOM I has been repopulated by the Mother Demon. She has resurrected all the demons throughout the base and now she poses a bigger threat to all of humanity than the Icon of Sin himself. (I don't know how she made Pain Elementals with two mouths but I wanna kill her for it.) Doomguy is sent to solve the problem and kills the Mother Demon. Deciding that the hordes of demonic foes will never stop assaulting Earth and its colonies, Doomguy seals himself away in Hell to make sure no demon visits Earth again. In the Lost Levels Doomguy kills the Mother Demon's sister and is discovered by an alien culture known as the Sentinels. Fun fact: Hell is a multi-dimensional plane.

Between DOOM 3 and DOOM 4
Doomguy is discovered by a race of sci-fi space knights from an alternate dimension. (I will call this place Dimension 2. I will also call the Earth in Dimension 2 Earth 2.) These are the Sentinels and they come from a planet called Argent D'nur. They worship false angels called the Maykrs. Among those being the Khan Maykr and the Seraphim. (Who is the Khan Maykrs right hand man.) Doomguy begins training with the Sentinels after his displays of awesome demon murder and is recruited. Eventually, Taras Nabad, a big city of Argent D'nur is assaulted by the demons. The Seraphim takes Doomguy, slaps him into a machine called the Divinity Machine and now he becomes the Doom Slayer. Yes, he was mortal for everything before. The Slayer defends Taras Nabad and fights Hell really well. Until the Great Betrayal and he gets locked away in Hell. For literal millennia's the Slayer fights Hell with nothing but his fists. Half-way through some demon betrays Hell and gives him the Praetor Suit and a sword. He eventually slays one of the most powerful demons in all of the Hell, a giant Titan with his new gear. Eventually, the demons trap him in a sarcophagus and invade Earth 2 in a matter of centuries.

DOOM 4 (2016)
The Doom Slayer murders a demon-ridden Mars base once more after being freed from his Sarcophagus. He meets Samuel Hayden, VEGA and murders a lady that turns into another Spider Mastermind. Her name was Olivia, she doesn't matter too much. The UAC in Earth 2 are responsible for the development and transportation of Argent energy out of Hell. Of course, this goes wrong and causes the Hell invasion.

DOOM Eternal
The demons have invaded Earth 2 and its up to the Doom Slayer to stop it again. He kills the three leaders of the invasion, the Hell Priests and angers the Khan Maykr. He murders the Khan Maykr, but she revives the Icon of Sin before he can. The Doom Slayer has to murder the Icon of Sin again before he consumes the fabric of space time or whatever. He does so.

The Ancient Gods
The last two DLCs of DOOM Eternal are essentially its own game. The Doom Slayer reawakens the Seraphim so that the Slayer can revive the Father, the OG god to this world. He does all the stuff up until he finds the soul spheres of Ingmore Sanctum. He betrays the Seraphim, destroys the Father's soul sphere and takes Satan's. The Doom Slayer plans to spawn camp Davoth (The Dark Lord/Satan.) He resurrects him, tries to shoot him but the chamber doesn't allow violence. So the Slayer goes on a journey to the capitol city of Hell, Immora, 1v1s Davoth, wins and stabs him in the chest. Before that Davoth reveals that he was the true creator of the universe. Satan dies, Doom Slayer is weakened from the fight and is sealed away back into his Sarcophagus.

You're welcome.

A very important question is whether there will be a fight where the Slayer without any weapons (only with his bare fists) will fight with a titan?

Wait, wasn't Davoth the OG God of the Doom universe?

I forgot to include that.

Wow this was dark, can't wait to see what happens next


"Video is not available"... well... DOOM 2016 OST be my OST of choice

That's weird. I just clicked on it and it worked. If the link fails, just search for Outlander by GeoffPlaysGuitar.

where is doom slayer?

“So, I was set to command a strong legion of demons on the western hemisphere on some place called Earth.” he continued. “It's one of the places where humans live.” Discord added. “You don’t want to see what I had them do.” he shivered regretfully. “Especially the rabbits, ugh!”

Oh yeah discord your fucked of doom slayer finds you and gets his revenge for daisy

are you a fan of byf? this description seems familiar

Never heard of byf in my life. What is it?

a youtuber who did just a few videos on doom eternal lore

ehh screw Spike at this point. he drank the hell juice and can get pulped by the Slayer just like all the other tainted fools who couldnt resist the "apple lava"

I see where you come from. Yeah, this dude makes great content. We both took from the codexes and wikis to describe these guns though, so it'd make sense why they are similar.

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