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Justice writes a little about Justice (Warning: may be lies).

He killed a bear when he was only three!

The bear was three that is(making it still an adult...bear), Justice was 25 and armed with a cannon that fired logging chain-saws.

He once summoned a demon using the Keys of Solomon because he was too lazy to rummage through his liquor cabinets to mix a cocktail for himself

Also, he's Prime Minister of Ecuador for reasons he's not entirely sure of. Justice suspects drinking alcohol is involved, but that's just playing the odds.

He spends many days in front of a computer running SQL queries and making reports that present what those queries say in a visually pleasing way.

Potentially related, he usually receives direct deposits to his bank account at regular intervals for a near identical amount of money. He secretly wonders if this is related to his database and reporting work or if he has a secret (potentially interstellar) admirer.

He is quite certain he has a daughter, otherwise, who's five-year-old is temporarily kidnapping every weekend?

The amount of hippies and doughnuts with bacon on them in his general vicinity had led Justice to conclude he probably lives in or very near Portland, Oregon.

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Comment posted by Anon E Moose deleted Monday

Is there a list of stories in the MADverse sorted by in-universe chronology?

Hey, Justice. You have great, dare i say award winning talent. If the wheel and the butterfly was an actual book. I would buy every copy. I hope that the saga continues on. 😅😅😅😅😅😅


Heh, I was only half-serious...!

(Spoilered for anyone who hasn't seen it yet (I don't think the offical US broadcast has happened at tie of posting and I lie to err on the side of caution.)

Yeah, I am beginning to suspect that the show is flat-out forbidden to say Twilight is Spike's mother directly. Because mums can't be protagonist princesses - it ages them or something, of course, for the similar arse-backwards logic that meant Celestia wasn't allowed to be queen. (Queen Novo is apparently fine, though... And Cadance is not a main character, so she can have a husband and child just fine...) Same situation and stupid nonlogic as Spider-Man not being allowed to have a child (or stay married), I guess. But I think maybe that this episode went as damn hard as it could to that without actually saying it.

(Made me think of the Descendant; he might have liked this actually; hope he's doing alright, wherever he is.)

  • Viewing 371 - 375 of 375
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