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A beginners guide to the Throne and Wheel! Dealer’s choice Patreon reward for TheGreatEater! · 12:14am August 1st

Harkenly tha veracious devourerers of tha’s pontifications regarden to Us’s evergrowing assemblage of words pertaining to brightly-colored equines!
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This marrows recompense for patronage makeths itself manifest courtesyly of thum most veracious of word consumers, TheGreatEater.
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Justice writes a little about Justice (Warning: may be lies).

He killed a bear when he was only three!

The bear was three that is(making it still an adult...bear), Justice was 25 and armed with a cannon that fired logging chain-saws.

He once summoned a demon using the Keys of Solomon because he was too lazy to rummage through his liquor cabinets to mix a cocktail for himself

Also, he's Prime Minister of Ecuador for reasons he's not entirely sure of. Justice suspects drinking alcohol is involved, but that's just playing the odds.

He spends many days in front of a computer running SQL queries and making reports that present what those queries say in a visually pleasing way.

Potentially related, he usually receives direct deposits to his bank account at regular intervals for a near identical amount of money. He secretly wonders if this is related to his database and reporting work or if he has a secret (potentially interstellar) admirer.

He is quite certain he has a daughter, otherwise, who's five-year-old is temporarily kidnapping every weekend?

The amount of hippies and doughnuts with bacon on them in his general vicinity had led Justice to conclude he probably lives in or very near Portland, Oregon.

Social media hang-outs below.

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Please write more Sweetiemash and Love Tap/Cream Heart.

After that heartbreaking vid, it's up to artists and fic writers to keep Button alive, since animators have been screwed.

Xam #366 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Thanks for suggesting to ask a mod. Eldorado was a fantastic help.
What happened is a funny story actually. It turns out that the follow button disappears if you block someone which makes sense...except I have never even spoken to you before, so there was no reason I could think of for you to block me. So I then went into my list of Blocked Users and what do you know, there you were all by your lonesome. I think I accidentally clicked on block when I recently visited your user page and didn't notice. So...um...oops? :facehoof:

Huh... I don't know what could make that happen. Maybe reach out to Knighty or a mod?

Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy: Plenty more Sunset Shimmer on the way.


Hello Justice3442,
I would like to follow you, but for some reason your 'Follow' button is missing. Are you aware of this? By the way, your Sunset Shimmer is MAD about Everything was a complete joy to read.
Thanks, Xam

-looks at the Sunset Shimmer Profile Picture- Hey Sunset <3 :heart:

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