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Big Mac is super awesome so fanfics about him are here.

Talk about Big Mac, ship Big Mac, do anything you can even try to kill him i mean it wont matter he's so awesome he wont die even if you kill him.

Big Macintosh FTW
There will be ones with sex and gore but im too lazy to make a mature folder and look for all the mature ones I already put in folders so yeah

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please add these folders:
*Sugar Belle (canonical wife)
*Marble Pie
*Applejack (+Apple Family incest)
*Rule 63 (macareina)
*Species Swap (Alicorn Big Mac)

Where did all of you and all these stories come from, I leave for just six years and suddenly my members and stories triple, time flies huh?

Posted my own fanfic in the Shining Armour sub-folder, hope you guys like what i've done so far!

Posted chapter 16 of my story if anyone is up, kinda of empty around here it seems.:applecry:

Just posted chapter 5 of my story 'Fruits of love' hope you guys like it.

ive only put ones iv read on this because of reasons

The shipped with mac subfolders may say zero but there are stories in them

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