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ok doki loki, just carry on with a job (◠‿◕)

Still, every break and lunch in my work I try to get some writing done, at least a thousand words per day if possible, I'll try to finish this few chapters from Fruits of love and then throw some PokePon and MLP ISEKAI. Thanks again for keeping up with my stories.

Oh, thank you, I know is hard trying to communicate in other language but kudos to you for trying, about my other stories, I'll keep them going as much as I can, like I said in some previous chapter since a couple of months back we have been working 12 hrs shifts everyday and 10 more hrs on Saturday leaving me barely any time for me, and obviously I have to give some to my family, a wife and three kids get pretty cranky if you don't pay them enough attention.

ok I said I loved your stories and one day I want to see the continuations of these fans you wrote
ps: i had to write by google translator my english is average and my spanish is rusty

Thanks for writing on my page but unfortunately I don't understand what you wrote. I can only understand Spanish and English so if you know either of them maybe we can converse some more, thanks again for your comment.

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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