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I too did have my reservations with the Reboot, specially after episode two when a big bomb was dropped, but while it does move on its own way I can say that that doesn't take anything bad from the original, the stories are different in the good ways so far, so if you decide watching it just remember that it is a Reboot with a taste of alternate universe and I think you're gonna like it.

I haven't seen the reboot just because I feel like the tone would be too different from the original to really enjoy it. The best part of the original for me was how carefree and fun the whole thing was, even with the more serious moments where Tai and Matt fought or during the flashbacks where Kari got sick. Like MLP, it was specifically designed for a younger audience, and that's what made it a real adventure. Can you imagine a Hello Kitty reboot made for an older audience? It kinda loses its charm (even though I'm sure the newer version is still plenty good too).

I'm like all the Gabumon evolutions, but if I have to pick one that would be Weregarurumon, I love werewolves in general and my previous three profile pictures were of werwolves, I don't like vampires that much, but, if there's a vampire I have to let suck my blood, then Ladydevimon is more that welcome to come and have a bite of my neck.

As for seasons and characters, like I said before, Yamato from Adventure 1 with Mimi as Izzy as a second one, favorite movie was Tri although I know is not as good as the first ones but the power of nostalgia is hard to ignore.

Have you seen the Reboot yet?

First season is the best in my opinion. It had so many characters with the most amount of personality by far! Plus I just loved the adventure of the first season the most. Favorite digimon is a hard one, though. There are so many that I like! Piedmon, Puppetmon, Wizardmon, Lilymon, Angewomon, and Myotismon are all up there in my favorites, but it's so hard to choose! I'm guessing you're a garurumon fan?

Hallelujah! Please do tell, which is your favorite Digimon character, season, movie or digimon, always happy to find another Digimon can!

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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