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This story is a sequel to My little Pony Isekai: The Knight.

After saying goodbye to their partners Yamato ' Matt ' Ishida and Taichi ' Tai ' Kamiya, Agumon and Gabumon travel back to the Digital World only to get separated by an unknown force.

Gabumon now find himself stranded in a magical world where he needs to fight against a former enemy that's causing this new world troubles, but without his long time partner or his friends by his side, can he find a way to activate the Crest of Friendship? And how or why did he end up in this world?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

This could be fun

Thanks for reading and yes, I hope it is, this is just the second in four stories I'll be linking together.

Is the prequel required reading for this story?

Not necessarily, at least for now, the main thing is probably just that all events are happening at the same time and that's why you're gonna see a reference to something that is happening somewhere else with some other characters, at the end though, I plan to join all stories and characters that got isekaied into a single one. Hope that help, thanks for the comments.

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