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"Celestia bless this ship, and may she have many safe voyages."

Welcome aboard S.S. Fluttermac! All ponies are welcome as passengers, and are free to post any stories focusing on this ship. Please sort fics (or pics) in the appropriate decks, "Sweet", "Saucy," or the newly retrofitted "Fan Art" and "Sad."

Let's get this ship sailing. Weigh anchor and cast off! And damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Umm, if that's okay with you... Eeep!

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OMG PERFECT FOR ME JUST PERFECT!!! I Ship Starburst (Starlight & Sunburst) And Flash And Twilight, Pinkie Pie And Cheese, Rarity And Spike Or Fancy Pants ( I Can't Choose :3), Rainbow Dash And Soarin, Applejack And Caramel. AND BEST FOR LAST.... FLUTTERMAC OMG OMG FANGIRLING LIMIT REACHED AHHHH! Fluttermac And Starburst Are My Very Favorite Ships And I Started On My Story, The War For Love & Ice! Love Kawaiiz And See You Soon And My Group For Lotz Of Kawaiiz Is Unicorns R Kawaii! See Ya Kawaiiz Later!!!!

One of my most favorite pair ever

When I first saw the group name I thought of these guys.

Why doesn't this group have an icon?

I cannot think of another ship more adorable than this. And I don't wanna.

360314 I read it! Super good.

This ship won me over after seeing them in their adorable ponytones outfit. I ship big mac with everyone since he gets all the mares.:pinkiehappy:

:yay: #futtermac

Hello my fellow lovers of FlutterMac, just finished the first chapter of my new sequal to my old FlutterMac story, here it is:

Falling in Love Quietly

Enjoy! :yay::eeyup:

358597 I can respect SpikeBelle, since they are absolutely adorable (and there's some kind of irony about Spike ending up with the mini-Rarity instead of the original :raritywink:) but my OTPs are ButtonBelle and FlutterMac

358586 I have to say, my favorite ship is SpikeBelle, it just makes sense to me. :twilightsmile:

357211 I'll bite. :twilightsheepish:

Who's your favorite ship? :trollestia:

This is my 2nd favorite ship:yay:

Not enough FlutterMac clopfics…

Comment posted by The Warner Brothers deleted Sep 24th, 2013

Can someone check out my work in progress please

I just finished a FlutterMac story ^.^, looking for an editor atm to help me fix a few things on it :fluttershyouch:. It's up if anyone wants to read it :twilightsmile:

Warning: there is sex

I have but one ship, but a fine boat she is! :yay::eeyup:

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