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Water Lilly

Got Water Lilly from the MLP name generator. My OC I made from Pony Creator v3: http://fav.me/d6kuepg So much adorableness to be read. And yes, I am a blank flank.

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2107339 Well I'm looking for users that could help Ebony with his story. As you know, Like A Virgin is o hiatus and so Ebony Stallion decided to let some of his future chapters be written by other users for the time being. And here we are, do you want to write future chapters of the story?

2106998 eh, pretty decent, if not a bit stilted at times. I remember Like A Virgin. I enjoyed it. Hopefully the author will finish it.

How good is your writing skill? Also, do you remember reading a story called "Like A Virgin"?

Thank you for the fave:yay:

I fixed Discord's Love. Hope you like it this way.

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