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A guide to my stories · 2:23am May 9th

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what kinds of stuff someone's written & where to dig into their back-catalogue. It's easier when they focus on a handful of characters or subjects, but it's harder to pick a starting point when they've written a diverse bunch of stuff.

For good or ill, my stories have walked the latter road. They do have a few things in common, such as all being E- or T-rated (most being "vaguely-family-friendly-ish"), and all having received an investment of time and seriousness. But beyond that, the best I can do is apply a loose categorization by characters and/or setting, and provide a few notes to try to fill in the blanks.

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Welcome to my corner of the Innertube

(I didn't draw that, but isn't it cool?!)

Thirtysomething Christian metalhead Warhammer 40K fan, now also peddling pony fanfiction and occasional dramatic readings. Excelsior!

Feature Boxen

  • The One Where Discord Gets All The Mares Discord finds himself as the unlikely focus of a massive amount of love-magic-gone-bad, and must fend-off every female in Equestria in his attempt to reach the only pony who can break the spell... by CoffeeMinion 6,650 words · 6,745 views · 562 likes · 28 dislikes
  • Love, Or Something Like It The mare of Spike's dreams has taken his heart in her hoof... but he can't escape the feeling that something isn't right. by CoffeeMinion 2,088 words · 1,834 views · 105 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Change We Can Believe In Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon discover just how much they disagree about the changelings joining Equestrian society. by CoffeeMinion 1,506 words · 657 views · 54 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Baby Limestone Rides to War With one brand-new baby sister and another on the way, young Limestone Pie is mad as Tartarus… and she's not going to take it anymore! by CoffeeMinion 1,712 words · 572 views · 86 likes · 2 dislikes
  • To Serve In Hell Nightmare Moon has brought oppression and eternal darkness to Equestria, but Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet risk prominent positions in her service to fight for a better world... by CoffeeMinion 18,412 words · 1,562 views · 96 likes · 7 dislikes


  • The Brief, Torrid Love-Affair of Fernando the Straw and Madame le Flour A parody of tragic romance, in which the titular couple faces an unfeeling world that forbids their love... for their passion cannot be denied! by CoffeeMinion 2,794 words · 642 views · 97 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Power Pony Adventures: El Taco Loco vs. The Red Menace Starlight Glimmer finds herself pulled into a magical comic featuring the Power Ponies, but the most shocking revelation is that she isn’t the only outsider fighting to survive in the comic world! Can both escape together, or is it winner-take-all? by CoffeeMinion 7,833 words · 497 views · 36 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Heavy Rock [Now complete!] Limestone Pie and Flash Sentry find unexpected love and unimaginable loudness as they navigate a path through social anxiety, heavy guitars, and the occasional love triangle. by CoffeeMinion 23,731 words · 471 views · 64 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Time Enough For Wub When a lost and confused Star Swirl the Bearded all but falls into her lap, Vinyl Scratch must confront her own past heartbreak to help him remember the mission that brought him to the future. by CoffeeMinion 8,769 words · 301 views · 42 likes · 2 dislikes

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I came here to write horsewords and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of gum.

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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"

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2445946 Most welcome. :pinkiesmile: Coupla reasons, but definitely a big one was finding out A Hairy Hearth's Warming was on FimFiction. Plus... I dunno, I don't necessarily auto-follow conspicuous Christians on the site, but it's nice to have some connections to the few that are out there. I've also seen your name around with Brooke, both here and on DA. So it's more a collection of things than any one single thing. :derpytongue2:

Hey man, thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile: May I ask what for?

2441674 Welcome aboard. :pinkiesmile: And I've actually got three stories about Limestone!

I've always liked Limestone five, however, they are rare. But you have at least two! The fact that you are also a Christian cannot simply be the great ring on the cake, however. Hmm...

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