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This is a very special group.

Any author is welcome to join and post a story, but each author is only allowed to add ONE story. The story you add should be your very best and greatest work - your magnum opus. -- The story you think is your best, not necessarily your best rated or most popular fic. This group is for posting the one story you want to be remembered for.
It will serve as a uniquely chosen list of the best fics on this site.

So, join and put forward your own greatest masterpiece. Let everyone know which of your fics you're truly most proud of.
Which one will you choose?

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No one, not two, but three :moustache:'s?

I must've done something right! :twilightsheepish:

(I myself have not submitted a story here yet because my greatest work is still unfinished, still being polished before publishing.)

Welcome, anyone!

Show us your best! :raritywink:

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