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While this group has had no major activity in years, I wanna build my own website that let's users collaborate on documents together by letting them leave comments in specific place in the story.

Uses will sign in with the application using the OAUTH API. They will then open up a story and open up a chapter. They will then make comments on the page. Next when they are done, they can hit export. Then download a formatted pdf which then can be sent manually to the intended recipient.


Haha, I'm glad I could make you happy. Also check out , that is another OPDS feed by someone else. This one supports .mobi and like the previous one does not require any authentication.

Hey, thank you!
And honestly, I didn't even know that there are not-public stories! X)

My OPDS server does not require any credenials. ( And as a result you will only be able to view public stories!)📚/

Is this sufficient or would you also like to view private stories?

Oookay, I know this group is probably dead, but!
Is there a slightest chance on getting OPDS available?
There are third-party proxies that serve OPDS from FimFiction, but I'd rather not share my password with them. >_>

If the reason to not implement that is losing ad revenue, I'd buy premium for that feature.

Comment posted by TBBle deleted Sep 15th, 2017

I know, right? So much information on the API.

this group rocks

Comment posted by Bad Dragon deleted Oct 18th, 2014
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