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Haha, I'm glad I could make you happy. Also check out , that is another OPDS feed by someone else. This one supports .mobi and like the previous one does not require any authentication.

Hey, thank you!
And honestly, I didn't even know that there are not-public stories! X)

My OPDS server does not require any credenials. ( And as a result you will only be able to view public stories!)📚/

Is this sufficient or would you also like to view private stories?

Oookay, I know this group is probably dead, but!
Is there a slightest chance on getting OPDS available?
There are third-party proxies that serve OPDS from FimFiction, but I'd rather not share my password with them. >_>

If the reason to not implement that is losing ad revenue, I'd buy premium for that feature.

Comment posted by TBBle deleted Sep 15th, 2017

I know, right? So much information on the API.

this group rocks

Comment posted by Bad Dragon deleted Oct 18th, 2014
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