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What Are UserScripts?
A UserScript is a (usually short) JavaScript code to be executed by the Firefox add-on Greasemonkey (or its Chrome variant, Tampermonkey). With these you are able to customize websites to your preferences—adding handy features, changing the look of a website, and much more!

What Does This Group Do?
Our goal is to create and publish a wide selection of cool features that the default doesn't already have. That way everyone can customize their ponyfic experience to their individual preferences without being limited by other factors. There are (almost) no limitations!

What Are Some Of These Cool Features?
For example, would you like to have a more detailed overview of your reading progress? Are you missing a feature that was removed in an update, like Google search? Or do you want to secretly stalk the users who unfollow you? No problem! If you got an idea or request, don't hesitate to tell us here!

Let's add some fresh paint to this site!

For a collection of general UserScripts, check out these websites: &

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im new to all of this. is there a way to change the rainbow dash sprite to Luna?

So it's been quite a while since you asked, but in case you're still interested in an animated desktop pony, check out this project. If I recall correctly, this is the project the web pony was based on.

Is there a way to download the little interactive pony onto your desktop?

My skills with this is limited to html and css. I feel slightly out classes.

Hello would it be possible to create a userscript to block certain tags or charactors. Ei the human tag, they flood the site with no good humans.

Shoutout to ocalhoun for getting us to 200 group members! :pinkiehappy:


Well, the activity's not too surprising, since scripts need to be fixed and new scripts are going to be made to satisfy things that bug people after the update.

As far as new people go, Bookish Delight commented on the site Update FAQ asking about when a preview button for PM's would be added, and I responded with a link to the thread for the userscript. That might have brought a few people over.

That might have been why knighty stopped by, actually...


There's been an unusually big influx of activity and new users since the update hit. It's getting harder to keep up with everything that's happening at the moment. Added him though.

I still wish I knew where all this activity comes from. Did some famous person blog about this group or something?


Thanks! Might add twilight-the-pony, too. Twi's been making variations of my recent scripts...


I've taken the liberty and added every person who contributed to this group in some way to the Contributors group.

September 29, 2014:

“Fixed fucking everything by me.” –Selbi

Tis a fine reason.

I don't know if Opera has userscript support by default, but there appears to be at least this add-on, so you could try that.

Could you also make an Opera version?

When I founded this group it was only for an automatic page refresher on 502 errors, which spawned a controversial talk down here. Since the group has since expanded and changed a lot (on top of said refresher script being banned later on), it felt out of place, so I deleted the comments.

This is so cool! I didn't know any of this existed!

--Super Trampoline

362579 Good question. What happened?

Why all deleted?

Comment posted by The Abyss deleted Dec 17th, 2013
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