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I am aspiring author who enjoys writing various works of fantasy in which have a cutesy touch


Blind Benefits -- Don't Need Surgery! · 8:03pm Jun 6th, 2017


I didn't want to post anything until after I officially heard about what had been making my right eye all yucky for the past two months. Turns out it was, yet another, tube exposure!

Historically an exposed tube would mean I'd need surgery coupled with over a week of recovery along with additional medications to aid in the healing process. However, as I have no sight to save, this was far from what happened.

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No blue tags? Aren't they useful for finding genres?

Thank you for favouriting "Letters to Cozy Glow"! :scootangel:

Thank you for the favourite on my story "Cozy's Hearth's Warming"!

Thank you for the watch, and your comments.

I’m also legally blind. Small world

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