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Have a great day and enjoy the group! ~England

A place intended for those who have a liking of ponies and diapers. Do you like diapers and ponies? Then this is the place for you. Maybe you're not into that sorta thing, perhaps regression is your interest? Well this is the group for you! We also accept good old padded pony story's and even fetish based stories. So come on down and show your inner adult foal you filly's and gentle colts! ~ Oliver_England

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you have to click on the folder, where you want the story, in that folder will be a button called "Add Story." Just select your story and the new "Add Story" button that pops up.

Hey all! Been reading stories here for years and i finally got an account and joined! Happy to be here! I also just got an age regression story approved this morning! How exactly do stories get added to groups?

Man its feels crazy to be back here. I joined this group in early 2015 when I first really became an abdl. Good to see it's still here, thinking about reading through some of the classics.

Comment posted by Stargriefer190 deleted Jan 11th, 2022

Hi I just love to be an adult foal being all cute hehe anypony wanna rp with me?

Hello everyone! I just joined your group and thought it would be polite to say hi. I hope you are having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: I am really happy to be here but a bit ashamed at the same time. I'm sure you know the feeling. It's just that stories like these are the cutest kind, at least, that's my opinion. I've actually written a bit of an age play story myself, just to make peace with my inner demons and give this secret curiosity of mine a place in my heart. It's about the CMC's and I will post it soon if you want. I hope you're all nice guys/girls/changelings and that we can all respect each other in our oddness. :twilightsmile:

Lots of love, :heart:


anyone wanna RP?

Hi, I'm Nic and new around here.

I am confused but strangely curious at the same time...

Okay their must be a small group going around downvoting every padded story or foal one ruining it is funny. It’s not it’s childish. Quite petty too

Posted a new chapter in my Dolly Dash Series.

Enjoy and thank you for your support.

Oh dang. Thanks for telling me though. I guess I'll fix that. ^^`

Uh, your banner is gone.

Just joined the group and happy to be a part of it ~if that's okay with you. :yay:

I'm thinking about making a story but I don't trust in the skills I currently have. That being said, anyone who would like to proofread, possibly become a co author and possibly fix HUGE errors that may or may not appear in whatever I have planned, you can PM me and let me know. In return, I will proofread for anyone, especially those who proofread for me. As I said, I am not sure how good/bad my writing skills are so you may have your work cut out for you.
Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from some eager people soon.
~sincerely JordanOlson

I had already worked out the details on how the next chapter in this series will go.

I will give you all a sneak preview here.

** Sprinkle Gem invites over her 4 closest friends to have a sleep over so they can all see her new Miss Rainbow Tinkle Bottom doll. During all this Rainbow Dash's situation goes from bad to MUCH worse as she does all she can to try and find a way out of all of this and to freedom. **

I am as of posting this already starting to type out the start of this new chapter. I can promise you that Dash hasn't seen the last diapers and sore plots among much more!

Thank you all for your support. ^_^

Its great there's groups like these here. I got a fic that will be added to this group and all others like it coming soon.

yay! I LOVE this group!
I hope some of my stuff can end up here. Once I get stuff up... Ive never written digitally before, but I think I can manage. I dont know what ships and stuff are 'in', but I hope people like it or whatever... Ive written before though, in notebooks and stuff, and other people seem to like it... kinda nervous to put my stuff online but Im gonna try and stay confident. or whatever...

Nice, I'm the 1000th member :) Happy to be here!

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