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19th birthday · 2:01am May 5th

Hi everyone!

While lots of you probably don't know me or much about me, tomorrow is my birthday. I just wanted to thank all of you writers for making great stories to read. I also want to thank all those that have read my stories. In truth, all of you have already made my birthday wonderful and the party hasn't even started yet.

I'm really glad I get to celebrate my birthday with all of you! I hope you are having as positive a day as I am! :pinkiehappy:

~ Sincerely
Jordan Olson

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I’m sooo glad to hear that you enjoyed my story!
Personally, the part where the mane 6 found out about spike’s “secret” was one of my favorite chapters to write. The whole time I was just imagining what the looks on their faces would be!
I’m also glad the ending really tugged on your heartstrings. I wanted lots of love at the end because let’s face it, spikey needs lots of love! :moustache:

To be honest, I have ideas for a sequel but I have no idea how to start the next story up. Writing the start of a story is my weakness.

Thank you for favoriting my story and watching me. I appreciate it a lot! :twilightsmile:

I bucking sobbed at the end of Spike's Complications. Truly a spectacular piece! I died laughing when they found his "Secret" and cried during the last chapter. I am DYING for a sequel of them all babysitting and playing with him. It would be SO AWESOME. This story made my day! I can't wait to see what you do next!!! :pinkiehappy:


Ha your a break and me trying to get started. I got some GREAT idea's for chapter 3 of my series yet If you don't have a good start you will lose the group.

Oh well....I am sure I will get it sooner or later.


I’m taking a small break from writing but I will be proofreading if needed and I will keep my eyes on post threads

Thanks for joining my group! Your a amazing dude.

Look for pic thread posts coming soon.

Also please post your stuff on my site if you like all work is welcome if its spanking and diaper related. ^_^

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