• Published 4th Feb 2018
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Dolly Dash - TankCop

On her way to Cloudsdale Rainbow Dash takes a mishap and falls into a situation that she would never have expected.

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As much fun as it is seeing Raimbow in this predicament, I do hope she is able to escape. Maybe after escaping she comes to enjoy the diaper feeling and returns every so often to be a foal again.

I did put in a note that if you want to share your idea's for how the next chapter could go I would love to read them and possably add them into the next chapter itself.

Hmmm, not a bad idea. That's something to think about.

Thank you for your idea DJSkywalker

i liked this chapter. I'm thinking dash obviously baby talked but also thinking her tongue and jaw get sore from the gag and ends up baby babbling for a while and they all sort of cuddle dash while one read there dolly a story. or they get all of sprinkle gems dolls and hold a dolly baby pageant having the other girls each puppeteer the other dolly's for how they think a good foal should act and how they want dash to act.
just my idea on what would be cute to see ^.^

Some good stuff there to maybe add into the next chapter.

Happy you enjoyed the fic. Thank you for your comment as well as your ideas. :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Indigo Tornado deleted Aug 15th, 2018
Comment posted by Indigo Tornado deleted Aug 16th, 2018

I get the feeling that Sprinkle Gem is eventually going to end up getting in trouble for all this.

Its very possably, just hve to wait & see, thank you for your comment & support

No ones perfect

Also do u have any ideas for the next chapter u would like to see?

Comment posted by Zubric deleted Aug 16th, 2018

Mouth soaping for those curse words. And some timeouts in the corner.

Great story and great chapter!

That can be arranged thank u

Perhaps you could have Scootaloo get involved somehow by either rescueing Rainbow Dash or getting herself put in diapers and being in the same situation as RD.

Hmmm possably something like that could happen in a later part of the series? I will keep it in mind.

Thank u for your comment

There are a number of grammar issues, but I'm enjoying the story regardless. I'd love to see a scene like in the cover pic where Dash is stuck having all five fillies playing with her, passing her between them with their magic, changing her even when she doesn't need a change just for the sake of playing with her, etc.

I am doing my best to edit and improve, i will often make a few mistakes i hope to improve over time.

Ah a well thought of idea indeed, thank u

Yes i see these mistakes alot better now.

Thank u for your helpful advice that i will try to better myself next time.

Thank you for your openness and your time to look over my work.

This chapter was great, definitely worth the wait in my opinion!

Not sure what you already have planned or have in mind. Maybe all the fillies getting involved in a diaper change would be fun or Rainbow misbehaving somehow and accidentally hurts one of the friends, even if it’s just a small bump, making two fillies spank each cheek with a brush or something?

Anyways, good luck writing the next chapter!

O_O.....Oh my :trollestia: thats a brilliant idea! Thank you

Really?! Glad you thought it was a good idea! I was worried that I might give ideas that you had planned already. :twilightsheepish:

Hahaha, poor Dashie just can't catch a break can she? And it looks like it'll only get worse from here on out! Looking really good buddy, keep up the good work.

As for a suggestion, Why not have Sprinkle Gem and her friends feed Dash, with each of them picking a different baby food to make her choke down?

Hmmmmm....Yes could work like stuffs her face with broccoli then right after its like peaches but happens so fast she gets over stuff. Like it

I would like to see Rainbow Dash being forced to play dress-up and tea party!

That can be done. Thank you for your suggestion and your time to look over my fic, :rainbowkiss:

When the next chapter comes along I think it would be interesting for Sprinkle Gem in her excitement to show off how lifelike she is opens Rainbowdash's diaper and exposes he mare hood to the other girls. They all take turns touching and rubbing it marveling at how realistic it is and she ends up cumming much to her own embarrassment but the girls only think she wet herself. Another scenario would be them playing doctor and giving Dash some tests like checking her temperature with an old timey huge anal thermometer they found or giving her an enema. Also probably give her another spanking since newborns are supposed to be spanked to see if they're healthy right? That's what happens in all the old cartoons so it must be true.

Oh my so naughty heehee! But I can see those idea's working out.

Thank you for the great idea's and your support.

Sparking can kind of be seen as abusove. If van leave brides and such even blisters. Easiest way for dadh to get feee would have to hope she gets a bath. Then the filly would have to take all the stuff off

Meanwhile in the formal dinning room of the mansion, Sprinkle Gem was enjoying some chilly cheese hay fries that the family’s cook had prepared for her. The family cook was one of the finest chefs in Canterlot. He was more use to preparing large banquets for heads of state or lavish meals for the Princesses. He even had a few of Celestai’s favorite cake recipes. He felt that preparing a simple meal of chili cheese hay fries seemed greatly below his skill level yet the look of happiness on little Sprinkle Gems face as she dived right into it was enough to make this old colts heart just melt.

When switching POVs of time skips it’s a good thing to have a divider like the horizontal line

it also useful for location changes. Like from the house to the park for example.

Hotspot Flare’s twin sister Sunrise has a chocolate colored coat with a slighter darker chocolate colored mane. Her eye color was a bright green. Their parents owned a string of very popular restraints.

Hehe kinky or did you mean restaurant

I did make a mistake there yes

Good things to know, thank u

True enough, unless there was other facts?

How about we have Rainbow Dash trying to escape during bath time, but her wings were cramped?

Hmmm that can work. Sure I will add it to the list. Thank you ^_^

Given her wings have been trapped for hours now, well they be a big stiff I’m sure.

Sure you ment to say "bit" stiff, but i am sure they are. Hmm, that could be a good reason she can't fly away at bath time cause her wings are to stiff and sore. Thats a good idea.

I don't know if suggestions are still up just found the story but I would like to see dash get out of the diaper or they show off how real she looks and get punished for meeting or as a comment already said show her off and punish her for cumming

its never to late to add in your idea's my friend.

Yes this was suggested and be sure it is on its way.

Thank you for reading my fic and your support. ^_^

Great tbh I just like to see dash get punished by a little filly

If you are still taking suggestions I want Sprinkle Gem to shrink Dash to doll and or foal size, for easier handling.

That's a neat idea and something I could see using in another series but that's a bit outside of what my plans can fit in.

I thank you for your suggestion. I will be sure to keep it in my files for a possible idea in the future.

so they take her temperature the foal way with the thermomiter in her flank?

Consider it DONE! ^_^

Thanks for liking my fic. Please consider also joining my new group for weekly pic posts as well as other stuff to come.

Great story so far, keep it up! Since her pussy was given some attention, my suggestion/request is that Dashie starts to enjoy diapers and being treated like a foal but fights it since she is so ashamed. A little kinkiness to spice up this adventure!

Can be done. I will look into it.

...I want Rainbow to be given an enema.

already in the works, its a coming! lol:rainbowderp:

Comment posted by Twilight Connor deleted Mar 15th, 2019

I want the girls to stumble across some adult toys but not know what they are and experament on rainbow.

I'd find that funny and embarassing

hmmm good idea

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